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Gee, my clue must have been misleading. I meant - good! you're looking at Bands OUTSIDE the U.S. I think the only non U.S. Band mentioned before the U.K. and Canadian ones that Laurie said in the last post I saw was Supertramp (and they finished up relocating to America).


Not a U.S. Band

AND they broke in the first half of the 70s and re-formed in the second half.


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The Iddle Race.

????????? Who are they ! I think you're kidding Old55 Edna. :laughing:


HOW many times have I said I wouldn't use Quotations again - that's not the Question.

A member of which Very Famous Band said this ?

"We're as valid as anything by Beethoven".

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Question 2: Deep Purple. Jon Lord said that... I believe... :P

:coolio:WELL DONE EDNA!!! THAT'S WHO IT WAS. :coolio:

Now go get Q1. I do believe you on "Idle Race". We just didn't know them at all in Australia. :)

Goodnight All. Question 1 may have jackpotted when I next look. :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy:

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