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wow, there's a blast from the past! i loved murphy brown when i was small!!

Jeez do I feel old. I loved Murphy Brown... before that (many years) I loved Mash... and sometime in between I loved Cheers.

Does anybody remember (100 years ago or so) a cartoon called "Kimba the White Lion"? That was my favorite when I was about 4. I still remember the opening song!

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I'd say certain Japanese TV shows that I send along to an "Earth 2" fan in NC:

"Soko Ga Shiritai" (An infotainment show of the mid 1980's to late 1990's where TBS Japan sent correspondents all over Japan to look at: food, local culture, trips via bus, trips via commuter trains, unforgettable characters. It's been playing continuously since TBS Japan discontinued it in 1997.)

"Mystery Movie" (Murder most foul, done for the usual reasons: An old injustice requiring revenge, adultery, theft, jealousy, etc. Enlivened by offbeat sleuths, "folks who learned too much," and very specialized cultures.)

"Taiga Dramas" (NHK-sponsored 26-52 episode tales of people and places from History. Were the Tokugawa Shogunate "Regulators" known as "Shinsengumi" noble or just low class poseurs acting as a hit squad? Are family ties less important to "the legal heir" of the Genji/Minamoto than his half brothers maneuvering against the decadent Heike/Taira clan?)

"Challengers of Fire" (A Japanese game show where contestants vie for a ¥1,000,000 prize. Can you eat over 100 sushi from an automated conveyer? Can you hit a home run baseball out of the park with only one pitch? Can you hide well enough in the woods to elude searchers for 12 hours? Can you move an explosives-loaded probe through an electrically live track in 60 seconds? 30 seconds? Can you cry on cue in 10 seconds? 7 seconds?)

"Heaven's Coin" (aka "Die Sterntaler," where a deaf woman follows her doctor-boyfriend from Hokkaido to Tokyo, and finds him amnesiac from an accident. Can she help him remember his vow to her? Will his hostile brother quit chasing her long enough to get his life in order? What is going on with the senior surgeon, who's the father of these contentious brothers and his wife who's been seeing the hospital director...after hours?)

It's a bit better than network reruns...but not as involving as Korean dramas! :elvis:

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