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Fluff Punk


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You know, the tides are starting to turn in my house. My kids are 10 now, and they are discovering music. My daughter moreso than my son.

Ever since they were small, I would always let them pick what we would listen to in the car when I would take them somewhere.

So now, my kids are turning dear old dad onto some of their stuff. It all has the same quality of sound. Kind of punk, but more melodic and not really malicious.

I'm not sure of all the bands, so maybe you folks can help me out.

I know the Green Day when I hear it. They're easily identifiable.

Let's see....what else...oh, there's Stacy's Mom. I like that one. It's catchy.

Riot Girl is cool.

There's one band that does two songs, 1985 and another one that I like, but the name escapes me now.

Kryptonite is good.

There's another one I forget the name but the chorus is "I almost had you", where all the lines are "I almost did this", "I almost did that", etc, etc. I like that one, too.

I am not good with the names, but those are some of the ones I like.

Fluff Punk, right?

Anyone know any other stuff along these lines?

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Jr....Bowling for Soup also does the song "Almost", which is the one you were talking about where the chorus says "I almost had you"

I like the classification of "fluff punk" that you gave..it's cute, and it probably fits just as well as pop punk, which is what I would describe it as.

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I've heard 'Mexican wine' by Fountains of Wayne. I like it... it's like poppy punk/ Something I wouldn't mind listening to when I'm sitting vela but not a song I'd buy the album for.

I used to watch them when they played local shows outside Fountains of Wayne (yes, its the name of a store in Wayne NJ). I like the song Hackensack off Welcome... but it's not fluff punk, it's more mellow. The ablum Utopia Parkway is pretty decent too.

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