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this is exactly the reason why my son won't be taking any female-types to his room and/or closing the door. :beatnik:

Really? I guess it's a different country and such, but I never had to have the door open when girls were over, and if my parents had told me to open it, I probably wouldn't have listened... and despite that, there are no grandkids in sight :P

I almost forgot... nice pictures everyone ;)

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Such adorableness!!! The Peachlette and Joe's grandaughters are soooo cute!!!!!

Fin, if your parents are like mine, then an ignored command to open the door would result in Dad taking the doors off the hinges! Never happened, but could have. When I ignored commands to get up for school in the morning, I would get doused with cold water or Dad would flip my bed over.

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Peachy, your Peachy family looks peachingly happy... :cool: :cool:

Not strange, you´re the kind of people one would love to have as friends... :bow: :bow:

Oh, and they´re cute too... :) but that you knew... :grin:

Suzanne, I can´t see your picture... would you post it again :shades:

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