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At my house it's all about High School Musical parts one and two. Little miss knows all the songs and about every line in the movies! She just makes me laugh, but when I put on Bruce or Clapton, she knows them too...so there is hope! :)

ha, yep, got a bit of that with the youngest.

Shawna, that's a strapping lad you got there, he's gonna be a heart breaker, fore sure!!

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Thank you, Ten Pea. And you should hear how she argues her case whenever I correct her for something. Her daddy never did that with me. Of course, she gets away with it. She says she wants to be "an animal doctor" but I sense some lawyer in her.

And Georgia now walks around singing her made-up PopPop songs. "Poppitty PopPop, PopPop Poppitty"...etc. And she chases our "tat".

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They are adorable Joe!....

And Peaches, Peachlette is a cutie, she's definitely gonna be a rocker...

Shawna, watch out the girls will be lined up at the door for your son real soon....they grow up so fast, don't they?.....

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GranPa Joe, what a pair of cute little girls!!! :):):):):) Sophie has got some special touch, she´s charming... :) and we had not seen Georgia since her first and only picture...

Kari, your bout de chou is just too much... :grin:

Hugs for all the SF babies!!!! :)

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