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The song that brings back memories (win a CD!)


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I do have a good memory though?

When I was 12 years old and growing up in the neighborhood we had freinds come around the house to play. Mostly guys, but some girls. One particular girl in mind was a girl who I had become good freinds with. Her name was Michelle. Well, she slept over one night coz she was freinds with my sister. She had this crush on me so she got onto the bed with me and we kissed and cuddled to Journey's Open Arms. So now everytime I hear that song it reminds me of my first kiss. It was magical to say the least.

Now I am blushing so bad... :googly:

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These stories about high school I've read have brought back memories for me also...just about everyday someone in our lunch room would play SATURDAY NIGHT by the Bay City Rollers. What's funny is that one kid in particular absoulutely did not like this song, because everytime it played, he would walk by the jukebox and give it a good swift kick LOL....it was funny, so from that day on, we would purposely play that song, every once in awhile, just to see this kid get up from his chair, in a rage, and kick that old juke box....

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One more... I have way too many and I will bore you guys to death if I don't quit after this...

My sister had this Friend Diane who absolutely could not stay away from me (much older by then) I was about 15 years old and she would call my sister and then she would want to talk to me sometime. Well one day my sis gave me the phone unsuspecting it was Diane and She was like talking all dirty to me, like REALLLY dirty... I was like "where did you learn this stuff?" It was very arousing but at the same time very embarrasing. It was my sisters freind for Petes sake!!! Anyway she told me she was MY Dirty Diana!!

So Whenever I heard Dirty Diana - by Michael Jackson, I thought of Diana and her Nasty Dirty Talk... Hmmmmmm

True story, believe it or not....

J :thumbsup:

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haye im mercheeko and im 17 and female the band and song that most brings back memories for me is cold chisel flame trees and when the war is over... flame trees was my dads fave song before he died and when the war iis over was my great grand fathers wedding song... so both songs have great memoi=ries for me... :happybanana:

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I have to say "Dancing Queen" - ABBA/Arrival 1976 Atlantic Records. Made #1 on the US Pop charts April 9 1977...

HEaaavvvvy SiGHHHH....

This song brings back terrible memories actually... But in a funny particular way...

I was 5 years old at the time...We were driving back from getting Ice Cream with my Mom and Dad and for some

odd reason, they started arguing in a very bad physical manner. My mom was hitting my dad and my dad blocking her hands. Then he stopped the car and told her to get out. She got out and he drove off with me and my sister looking back at my Mom running after the car. All the while they were playing dancing queen "Hence is why I really, Truly, HATE and Despise the very existence of that particular song!!!!!!!!!!

I later found out that the argumant was about a woman at the Ice Cream shop. Well my Mom didn't have to walk too far to get home I found out later. But when she got Home, Boy was my Dad in the DOG HOUSE....

Thats it...

Hey Josef, Check out this song.

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It's taken me awhile for a song to appear in my mind that I would like to contribute. I'm not posting this for any reason other than to share, share with you one of the most important songs out of a sea of important songs of my lifes memories.

Old days

Good times I remember

Fun days

Filled with simple pleasures

Drive-in movies

Comic books and blue jeans

Howdy Doody

Baseball cards and birthdays

Take me back

To a world gone away


Seem like yesterday

Old days

Good times I remember

Gold days

Days I'll always treasure

Funny faces

Full of love and laughter

Funny places

Summer nights and streetcars

Take me back

To a world gone away

Boyhood memories

Seem like yesterday

Old days - in my mind and in my heart to stay

Old days - darkened dreams of good times gone away

Old days - days of love and feeling fancy free

Old days - days of magic still so close to me

Old days - in my mind and in my heart to stay

Old days - darkened dreams of good times gone away

Old days - days of love and feeling fancy free

Old days - days of magic still so close to me


Man when I hear this song I am teleported back to 1977 and my older sister and her best friend would sing this in the car, yes I was lucky enough to be asked along, we might be going to the park to play frisbee, down to beach to hang out with whomever else might show up at "oil docks". That's what the hang-out was called. Every body backed their cars in and tuned their radios to the same stations. So it was really incredible. My sister, Kath, just four years older than me, but when you're 14 and she's 18, it seems worlds apart.

Anyway, Kath used to take me places with her friends, she was never embarassed letting her little brother tag-along, that was special to me, not just that she would "let" me tag-along, but she enjoyed having me there.

Anyway this song has so much meaning, so many songs have so many meanings for me, and mostly happy times, but this one, this one seems to stand out really big and outline the times, the best times of my adolescence, To the world gone away -yet it can be remembered in this song. One for me that packs a few years of feeling big, feeling mature, feeling important, feeling wanted by someone I looked up to, some I respect and love, someone who wasn't so busy in her life to recognise a kid who wanted to feel cool and hang-out with people older than himself sometimes.

Genuinely sensitive, that's what she was, and still is.

And I shall always remember, those very special days, old days, good times I'll always remember.

Thanks Kath! I love you!!


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Hi all...

Janis Joplin's Kozmic Blues will always remind me of a dear friend and talented guitar player named Dave whom I watched over the course of several decades destroy himself slowly through substance abuse... We were soulmates, and I found it so incredibly tragic that he could never ever see the good in himself that everyone else knew... He died November 24, 1998, and I miss him so very much.

During one of the worst periods in my life, he lifted me up and helped me believe in myself again, something for which I will be eternally grateful...

Dave, I love you and always will ...

~~Time keeps movin? on,

Friends they turn away.

I keep movin? on

But I never found out why

I keep pushing so hard the dream,

I keep tryin? to make it right

Through another lonely day, whoaa.

Dawn has come at last,

Twenty-five years, honey just in one night, oh yeah.

Well, I?m twenty-five years older now

So I know we can?t be right

And I?m no better, baby,

And I can?t help you no more

Than I did when just a girl.

Aww, but it don?t make no difference, baby, no, no,

And I know that I could always try.

It don?t make no difference, baby, yeah,

I better hold it now,

I better need it, yeah,

I better use it till the day I die, whoa.

Don?t expect any answers, dear,

For I know that they don?t come with age, no, no.

Well, ain?t never gonna love you any better, babe.

And I?m never gonna love you right,

So you?d better take it now, right now.

Oh! but it don?t make no difference, babe, hey,

And I know that I could always try.

There?s a fire inside everyone of us,

You?d better need it now,

I got to hold it, yeah,

I better use it till the day I die.

Don?t make no difference, babe, no, no, no,

And it never ever will, hey,

I wanna talk about a little bit of loving, yeah,

I got to hold it, baby,

I?m gonna need it now,

I?m gonna use it, say, aaaah,

Don?t make no difference, babe, yeah,

Ah honey, I?d hate to be the one.

I said you?re gonna live your life

And you?re gonna love your life

Or babe, someday you?re gonna have to cry.

Yes indeed, yes indeed, yes indeed,

Ah, baby, yes indeed.

I said you, you?re always gonna hurt me,

I said you?re always gonna let me down,

I said everywhere, every day, every day

And every way, every way.

Ah honey won?t you hold on to what?s gonna move.

I said it?s gonna disappear when you turn your back.

I said you know it ain?t gonna be there

When you wanna reach out and grab on. ~~

(J. Joplin ~ 10/69)

Thanks for listening...



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Speaking of Herb Alpert, two things come to mind:

One day in high school Spanish class, "el profesor" spoke of Mexico, Mariachi, and...Herb Alpert and the Marijuana Brass! The entire class cracked up, and Sr. Larioza took a minute to figure out what was so funny!

I recall reading during the Gemini space missions that the faves of the Astronauts was none other than Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass. So, TJB is definitely Space Music, eh? :beatnik:

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The moderators have discussed, and we picked 6 winners of Herb Alpert CDs from Shout! Factory. HD, Floyd and Ken took themselves out of the running because they are moderators, but they all wrote very moving stories. Here are the 6 winners:

DJ Kat



Old Ed


Late Boomer

If each of you can send me a Private Message, we'll arrange to get you your CDs. Congratulations and thanks for sharing those memories.

Anyone is welcome to continue this thread and post their memories related to that one special song. I enjoyed reading what we have so far.

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