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  1. Seems like das is a handy person to have around, right Edna?!
  2. Dear daslied ... THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Gratefully, Lateboomer xoxox
  3. I am slowly driving myself insane... I hope SOMEONE can please help me with this! I know of a song with the following lyrics, that online are attributed to being sung by Neil Sedaka, but I *know* I've heard them done by a female singer. Can ANYONE identify who the female might be, and/or her band??? Thanks in advance!! Here are the lyrics: Artist Lyrics: Neil Sedaka Song Lyrics: One More Mountain To Climb Hey Lord, won't trouble never end, tell me, are you still my friend. I got such a heavy load, when will I reach that glory road. One more mountain to climb, one mor
  4. LOL, thanks!! A friend of my daughter had this and I just had to 'borrow' it!! Lateboomer
  5. WOW!! Thanks, Carl!! I wasn't expecting to win anything, but this is COOL!! Lateboomer xox {usually never wins anything! LOL}
  6. ..Ella Fitzgerald singing George Gershwin ("Someone To Watch Over Me"), Vera Lynn singing all the WWII songs, and a tenor by the name of John McCormack from the 'teens and twenties of the 20th century... This was some of the music my parents played from the time I can remember. Lateboomer...
  7. Hi all... Janis Joplin's Kozmic Blues will always remind me of a dear friend and talented guitar player named Dave whom I watched over the course of several decades destroy himself slowly through substance abuse... We were soulmates, and I found it so incredibly tragic that he could never ever see the good in himself that everyone else knew... He died November 24, 1998, and I miss him so very much. During one of the worst periods in my life, he lifted me up and helped me believe in myself again, something for which I will be eternally grateful... Dave, I love you and always will ..
  8. What a neat gathering place this is!! Hi everyone! I am Lateboomer and I am the owner of an online classic rock station called ThunderRockRadio? ... Some of my DJs quote the factoids available here, they're a fantastic resource...and some of them have even contributed facts of their own! I'm on the downhill slide to age 50 (YIKES!)so for me, my favourite time musically was during the 70s... I am one of the few who admits to loving disco then (don't hit me, LOL) and dancing in dance-a-thons but my musical tastes are quite varied. (I can remember WHERE I was and what I was doing when I he
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