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Lennon or McCartney

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I have to pick John Lennon. And I didn't really pick a favorite Beatle until I was in the 5th grade. I loved them and my Aunt gave me her albums, but I didn't have a fav, until my one friend, Martha took me to her house and they had a music room, her brother and her played all different instruments, anyway, her brother was 17 and totally into the Beatles. And on this day he played Beatle albums for us and talked about the songs, the group, and read us liner notes. He then went on to talk about the differences between Paul and John. And he favored John, and by the time I went home later that day I favored John too. He was the one who spoke out and said what he wanted and he didn't do it to impress anyone. That is what we all should do. So I thank my friend Martha's brother John for showing me the Beatles were more than just a group, they were individuals.

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Edna, if you can find it, you should check out the demo/bootleg thing Paul did with Elvis Costello. I believe it's called "The McCartney/McManus Tapes" or something similar. It's got "McCartney" and "McManus" (EC's given name) in it, anyway.

I think it's from around the time Paul did "Flowers In The Dirt" and Elvis did "Spike", and they co-wrote a handful of great songs. "Veronica", of course, was on Elvis' album. "My Brave Face" was on Paul's. But the versions on this bootleg are all pretty much two guys with acoustic guitars - fantastic, lo-fi stuff. "Tommy's Coming Home" and "Mistress & Maid" are my favorites, though the acoustic "Veronica" is 1000 times better, I think, than the single version.

Anyhoo, Paul hasn't sounded so inspired before (solo years only, of course) or after. And Elvis is, well, Elvis.

Sorry this isn't really related to the topic, but it's something good for non-fans of solo Paul to check out.

Oh, and my favorite Beatle is John. I think solo-wise, though, that George put out a record lights years above any of the other three, with "All Things Must Pass".

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Ever since we got our 1st Beatles Album (Abbey Road, at least I think that was our first 1) on CD, my favorite was Paul. Now I'm beginning to enjoy solos and post-Beatle bands of both.

George and Ringo are still yet to be discovered for me!

But... Paul is my answer.

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I changed my mind. I was listening to some McCartney´s songs at a friend´s place the other day, then I tried to download some of them but I couldn´t find what I wanted. So I guess I´ll buy his two first albums ("McCartney" and "Ram")

because I´m loving "Monkberry Moon Delight", "Maybe I´m amazed", "Every day" and others.

Now I don´t hate him that much anymore... i forgive him for breaking my Beatles and he looks so pitifull after his last Heather Mills episode... :P

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