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  1. Melquiades

    12 songs that must be banned

    Who let the dogs out --> sucks so much (i think thats the name)
  2. Melquiades

    Help w/ The Clash

    totally agree. london calling its very good.
  3. Melquiades

    Most Important Songs 1965-1991

    ohh man... the kinks are soooo underrated. Even put You really got me (1rst song with guitar distortin), as if it wasnt their song. Nevertheless the list its good. (i would put london callin instead redemption song... maybe)
  4. Melquiades

    The Beach Boys

    sloop john b. i love that.
  5. Melquiades

    Zeppelin Phase

    I have been in that phase for 4 years and still think they are the greatest. I LOVE Zepp, there is nothin better in the hard rock world for me. I love the rocker early work to the versatile later part. (ITTOD) i dont think ill ever stop liking LZ.
  6. Melquiades

    Favorite Beatles album

    I voted for Revolver but that was a tough one.
  7. Melquiades

    Lennon or McCartney

    My left or my right eye? Very annoyin to answer question. Let me say both are great n no more
  8. Melquiades

    Underrated Beatles songs

    100% agree with newyorkmets9. I totally love For no one and all Revolver. I think Piggies, And your bird can sing, sexy sadie, we can work it out are a few underrated songs. My god the beatles are good...
  9. Melquiades

    the Clash or the Ramones?

    Hard one... umm no, wait. The Clash. That was easy.
  10. Melquiades

    Top 10 WORST Beatles Songs

    I do not know my 10 worst but I know the silliest song: obladi oblada. n I love I Want You. That song is so raw and good that makes me shiver (the final part).
  11. From my 10 best list... (from my life experiences) 1st Led zeppelin. 5th Pink Floyd. 8th or 9th Queen.
  12. Melquiades

    Top 10 Greatest Guitar Solos Ever..

    The last minute of The Ocean from Led Zeppelin is excellent...