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G,night Uncle. No one has got it yet, but thanks for mentioning Buck Ram and The Platters. Gee I absolutely love them. When I first heard "The Great Pretender" in 1956, I thought - hang on - this is a ballad AND a Rock'N'Roll song!

That and "Rock Around The Clock"/ Bill Haley were the first 2 45RPM records I ever owned. :)

Oh, also, I'm NOT saying this answer is a lyricist, but I think I'd regard a lyricist as a songwriter too? Where would Elton John have been without Bernie Taupin? :)

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A piano bar in some Holiday Inn ? :laughing:

Could well have been Kevin! :)


I just remembered I didn't update the Points after the previous question, so (not including participation points for this question):


Brad37732 36

Kevin28776 33

Elvish 27

Windy1 19

miamisammy 15

edna 15

UncleJoe 14

jrownsdega 12

Laurie35451 12

katie sane 8

Jenny 6

Annabelle 5

earth-angel 4

HDThoreau 2

bazooka 2

addictedtoclassic 2

Tenacious Peaches 1

bluesboy 1


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Well, we've stalled in a BIG Way. It looks like it's up to our European contingent to solve this one. There sure are a lot of 60s Songwriters though !


Which Great Songwriter or Lyricyst of the 1960s said this?

"I wanted to sophisticate Rock'N'Roll - I wanted it to be more. People were tired of hearing the same old riffs and screams".


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The questions are tough, sure enough. But I love the game. I'm no googler, though. If I think I know, I post. If I don't, I wait and learn.

I think coming up on 1000 replies would say people dig it, 55.

Thanks jr. I just noticed your kind thoughts when I was checking back on an answer. :)

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Hi Edna and Angel. Somewhere back in the previous posts we did establish that this person is NOT a performer. :)

Hi Kevin. A hint? OK, he/she was part of a song-writing team. Probably NOT much of a hint, because there were MANY teams in the 60s, but a hint nonetheless. :)

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I hope you're right, Katie -- This question's 5 points is worth much more than that to me now ... my sanity--damn near ! This should be at least an 8 or 9er ! ::

Oh, great ! Old55 's gone offline, so we have to wait ,too. Guess he doesn't think much of our chances in solving this ... :laughing: :laughing: :P

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