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An 8 or 9er, hey? No, you're on track now, but sorry - not

Barry Mann, Cynthia Wiel, Jerry Lieber or Mike Stoller (need the Christian names too). C.mon! You can do it! Maybe work backwards? Think of successful 60s artists who never wrote a note and WHO wrote for them. :)

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Sorry, I've been off on another Post, "Thread Of Lists".

FANFARE!!! "Lamont Dozier". :coolio: :coolio: CONGRATULATIONS KEVIN! HE'S THE ONE. The Lyricist of the Holland, Dozier, Holland partnership which had more Hits in their time with Motown (1962-66)than ANY other Songwriters in that period. :)

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Yep! I think we had more people participate in that question than the previous few put together. THANK YOU ALL. You have to admire Kevin for his tenacity! NOW I'll have to think up a new Question. :)


Kevin28776 38

Brad37732 37

Elvish 27

Windy1 20

edna 16

UncleJoe 15

miamisammy 15

jrownsdega 13

Laurie35451 13

katie sane 9

Jenny 6

Annabelle 5

earth-angel 5

HDThoreau 2

bazooka 2

addictedtoclassic 2

swlabr 1

Tenacious Peaches 1

bluesboy 1


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Thanks Angel. A bit before your time, but Holland-Dozier-Holland had Motown artists begging them to write songs for them in the 60s. They wrote 6 consecutive #1s for The Supremes. :)

Here it is, Edna my dear. NEW QUESTION:

Could be a toughie, but someone might get it straight up.

What do the #1 Hits "It's My Party"/ Lesley Gore (1963) and "Ice Ice Baby"/ Vanilla Ice (1990) both have in common?


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Billboard have a number of other Charts besides their "Hot 100 Singles". One of those is their "Rhythym And Blues" (R & B) Chart (now called "Hip Hop", for goodness sake).


Both of those songs were ALSO #1 on the R&B Chart. In the 60s it was very unusual for white artists to even make that Chart, let alone top it. I'd say "It's My Party" would have been one of it's MOST unlikely #1s. Of course, Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" is best known for ripping off the opening riff from Queen & David Bowie's great song "Under Pressure".

Give me 15 minutes to come up with a decent question. :)

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