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Keep thinking - she was a famous movie star.


But you know what? When she played in an Elvis movie, she was a co-star.

I've been listening to Elvis for 3 days now. I can't get enough.

Can you imagine being Elvis? Every where you went. Everything you did. You were the star. No matter what room you walk into, you're the biggest name there. That had to get tiresome.

Hey 55, you should start an 'Coolest Elvis Jumpsuit' thread.

The blue one with the cape. Definately.

Oh, Sorry.....carry on.

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You wouldn't believe it. I just get back into Songfacts and my Net Server dropped me out ! I wanted to make a couple of comments before the BIG announcement -

"Juliet Prowse?" Good tryUncle, but Frank Sinatra was dating her and warned Elvis off!

"Hey 55, you should start an 'Coolest Elvis Jumpsuit' thread." Windy took my comment that was lost in Computer Limbo. I think his black leather 68 Comeback suit was the coolest. We shouldn't award her the 5 points for..........

:coolio: :coolio: Natalie Wood ! GREAT ANSWER Windy. WELL DONE - go to the Top Table. :)

He couldn't have been that bad though, because she did say later that he was a "perfect gentleman". (That was probably the trouble). She was missing James Dean after his death and struck up a "friendship" with Elvis, but Gladys Presley didn't like her much so she never really stood a chance. :)


Windy1 7

UncleJoe 7

katie sane 6

edna 2

miamisammy 2

jr 1

New Question coming up ! ::

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O.K. Now don't forget to have a go at BOTH questions, because you get a point for participating in each. I don't think the first question is too difficult, and the second ISN'T as difficult as it may sound when you first read it.


What do these three Beatles' songs have in common besides not having been written by Lennon/ McCartney? "Chains", "Boys", "Please Mr.Postman".



The Beach Boys had two US Top 40 Hits that have something very much in common. They were both written by Brian Wilson, both in the 1960s, and NOT about surfing ! I can't think of any other artist or group with a similar feat.

Can you name the two songs?


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Good answer - I never thought of that! - but "409" didn't make the Top 40. "Don't Worry Baby" was about a guy entering a stock car race (?) and telling his girl not to worry, so you're the front runner for 2 points for that novel answer (if you don't get the 5).


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Question A - Chains, Boys and Please Mr Postman were all recorded by three mowtown girl groups of the early 1960's before they were recorded by the Beatles. The Cookies (Chains), The Shirelles (Boys) and The Marvelettes (Please Mr Postman).

Katie, only The Marvelettes were a Motown group.

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