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are these the 10 best rock bands ever?


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Red Hot Chilli Peppers (these guys actually are my fav band)

System of A Down

Coal Chamber

Tsunami Bomb

Led Zeppelin (Achillies Last Stand Is the best song)




Rage against the machine (music not politics)

No Doubt

Man, have my tastes changed... slightly.

New list. In order.

Dream Theater

Led Zeppelin

Hendrix, and The Experience

Red Hot Chilli Peppers

White Zombie

Rob Zombie

Dead Kennedys

Tsunami Bomb



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The Beatles

The Rolling Stones

The Who

Led Zeppelin

Pink Floyd

(Coincidence that they're all British? I think not...)

Agreed on those being the best, & it's no coincidence that they're British, unless you include the American grown influences, such as Chuck Berry & Bill Haley. Remember it was America who invented Rock & Roll, it was the U.K. who adapted to it & made it better. smile009.gif

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My 10 in no order

1. The Who

2. The Rolling Stones

3. Blue Oyster Cult

4. Pink Floyd

5. Simon and Garfunkel

6. David Bowie

7. Led Zeppelin

8. Guster

9. Deep Purple


Something like that anyway :stars: :stars:

Well, at least somebody votes for Simon and Garfunkel!!!

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Let me see, in no particular order:

Led Zep (up to IV)

Deep Purple (with Ian Gillan)

Black Sabbath (with the Prince of Darkness)

Oasis (despite the Manc prat at the front)

The Stooges

Rolling Stones (up to mid 70s)

The Faces/Small Faces (despite dodgy hippy bits)

Rush (up to and inc. Moving Pictures)

The Jam


Lots more besides, but these were the originators of something special. I could add bands like Joy Division, New York Dolls, The Clash, Bowie/Ronson, Charlatans, The Smiths, Velvet Underground and many others but I can only choose 10.


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This, like all the lists in this forum, are subjective to one's musical tastes.

The best? My favorites? Most influential?It's all about what whets your musical palate, I suppose.

I'll weigh in with my picks for the best bands of all time. Some may not be considered rock, but hey, that doesn't mean they weren't good.

The guidelines I'll use are a broad scope. Were they interesting musically? Did they influence the next generation of musicians in some way? Was it quality work for a sustained period of time? Or was it something as simple as they just made me tap my foot?

Well, in any regard, here goes. In no order, of course.

The Who

Stevie Ray Vaughan

The Police

Van Halen

Aerosmith (not the crap from 1988 to today)

Fleetwood Mac

Pink Floyd

Lynyrd Skynyrd

The Stones

The Beatles


So, that's 11. So sue me.

These are all groups that did quality work for over a decade. (well, if you count the Beatle's solo careers)

Some were more accomplished, musically, than others. Some were more creative than others. But overall, I like my list.

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Mr. Ownsdega, you are under arrest for excessive band nomenclature. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present at the time of questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided to you at government expense. Do you understand these rights?

Seeing as your choices are clear cut and relevant to the music world, I can guarantee you will get off with a relatively small fine, and it is highly unlikely that you will serve any time in prison.

Hey! Wait! The Police!? The Police!? Are you mocking me with this choice? Where the hell is my nightstick!? Better yet, I have my Taser in the trunk. Don't move.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :afro: :jester:

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I like the Police. Like with most of the artists I listed, their best stuff is what you never hear on the radio.

You know those Miranda Rights pretty well....hhhmmmm.

Mr. Ownsdega. :laughing: :laughing:

Actually, I love the Police (the band). I hate Sting by himself, though. The "mocking me" meant that I was acting as the coppers...you know, with the Miranda rights and all...

And, yeah, I've heard that Miranda jibberish more than a couple times....as if it really means something. :stars: I haven't heard them since I was a teenager, but I still remember them right down to the last word. :laughing:

:afro: :afro: :afro: :jester:

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