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Fun And Games-Whose Line is It Anyway?

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my life

jesus and tequila

i'm satisfied

and i can't deny it

I had a job

it paid me good

I could have my fun

and tip the preacher too

Guys, you need to complete the line of the song at the end of the last post before you post your own line. :) This is a fun game, let's keep it going! :thumbsup:

Now here's my line:

I just stopped to say hi

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Annabelle?????????I'm Jillianne!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jill, scuze me again, yesterday my sense of humour was a little wild... I´ve done it a couple of times, I promise I won´t carry on with the "messing up with the kid". I was joking, I was confusing Chris and CD and yesterday I tried to make it as a joke, but it´s no fun. I promise I won´t do it again...

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