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  1. Portishead is awesome...their songs always evoke an emotional response. Biscuit is one of my favorites from Dummy. I also have PNYC and an album of remixes. What got me hooked on them was the video for Only You (Chris Cunningham did the video and is awesome!)
  2. This is one of my favorite photograghs.
  3. I just heard Crazy today and am playing it over and over. It is great! I also like the Smiley Faces song.
  4. I really like Meddle, I just got a few of thier albums, that came out before Dark Side of the Moon, in the last year. I am still getting to know those albums and am suprised at the differences from their later work.
  5. My life has been absolutely crazy. I've moved in with a great guy and have been pretty busy trying to finish up school.
  6. I've been listening to this since I was a child (not that I am actualy an adult yet). I had to play it when I saw this post.
  7. Dude...watch the move and you will answer so many of your questions!
  8. That video is basically from the movie. There is a lot of symbolism in the movie and I feel (purely opinion) that is says the school system doesn't value individuality and they want everyone to conform to certain ideals. There are several things that deal with this while he is in school. One very good reason reason to rent it this Friday night.
  9. My friend and I are headed downtown tonight to go to the Hurricane Katrina Relief Concert. There are six different bands and it looks to be very good. I was checking out the bands' websites and about half of them are bluesy and the half are either rock or punk. Lori and I haven't been downtown for over a month so we are excited. I have a few other friends who may go also. I have a date with the Capitan and I am thinking of starting is early. I found out today that we have over 1,500 refugees at Remingtons (used to be giant dance club in town). I hadn't realized we had centers set up here. A couple of my fellow students work in the Emergency Room and have had some stories about the things that are bringing them in. I guess the Red Cross is handing out vouchers for the refugess to take to the ER to get their scripts filled. Most of the things are for chronic illness but some people are actually trying to abuse them. One couple came in with 6 vouchers between them and asked for various opiates and benzos. Apparently the doctors are afraid that if the refuse to fill any of these vouchers there will be negative publicatiy for the hospital. So this couple walked out with a bunch of drugs whose street value would be like over a $1000. Okay, got a little off topic. I'm really glad that my community is doing so much. We have several local organizations who are donating time, money or supplies. I know it isn't much but, Lori and I will drink lots of rum and bid way to much on stuff we don't need tonight.
  10. "All the things I really like to do are either illegal, immoral, or fattening." Alexander Woolcott
  11. If you don't eat your meat, how can you have any pudding? How can you have your pudding, if you don't eat your meat? In my humble opinion this is a great movie. Just like their music, their movie mixes media and has layers of meaning. You should most definately watch this.
  12. It was the other way around for me. Ok Computer forward was the Radiohead I fell in love with. I love the how they don't make albums for the sake of being radio friendly. If you want lyrics and such you should go to green plastic and the official is fun Radiohead. You can spend hours at this site.
  13. I wish we knew what he told everybody. What would someone have to say to you for you to just lie down on the ground?
  14. I should be so lucky...I have a friend who saw them live...so jealous. I actually dig the new stuff a lot. Each album has its own sound. I actually had the weird experience of really listening to Pablo Honey and The Bends this summer. Since I started with OK Computer I just keep buying the new ones. My friend let me burn his this summer and I was suprised at how different they sound. I really like both albums, but you really can really see the evolution. I just wish that Thom York didn't look like Clay Aiken from Amer. Idol. I wish he had a Robert Plant sexy rock god thing.
  15. I always liked that song but I had just heard in the radio so...it's kind of sad to think I could have been a listening to Radiohead for 3 or 4 more years if I had just gone out and bought the CD.
  16. Oh!!!!So excited! Finally a thread devoted to one of my top three bands of all time. If you are a Pink Floyd fan (I sure am) one the things you like about them is that listening to one of their albums is an experience. You don't put it on random and you don't fast forward thru any songs. Radiohead's albums are the same. And like PF they use samples of sounds and really experiment with different types of media. You won't find any sappy love songs from this band. Their lyrics can be dark. But hey, if you want light and happy you should buy some bubble gum pop. OK Computer was the first album I had by them. I was in highschool and the time and had just made my transition from the top 40 radio station to the local alt rock station. Don't you just love it when you buy a CD because you heard one the band's songs and you kinda liked. So you get it home, get all the plastic off, go thru the liner notes and listen to the whole thing. Every song justs keeps getting better and better. I love it when that happens. I might have strayed a bit from what I had thought to say. If you really give them a listen make sure to find the lyrics because they can change the whole meaning of the songs for you (and honestly, sometimes they just further confuse you). Ahhh... I am saying a little prayer right now that this thread does not die a swift and unnoticed death on these boards.
  17. I think about what I might post too much and don't post a lot so I won't look dumb
  18. I've heard that covered but I can't remember who sang it?
  19. I hear a little Beach Boys when I listen to them. I have Oh, Inverted World and Chutes Too Narrow. They are both great.
  20. Sunshine Superman is a great song. I also like Hurdy Gurdy Man. Which are really the only two songs I know by Donovan.
  21. Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. First off, you cannot compare the two. They are apples and oranges. They are in my top three and I could never chose betwixt the two.
  22. I got Young Liars by TV on the Radio from a friend and they do a really cool cover of Mister Grieves a Pixies' song. Both versions sound way different but definately both cool.
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