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Fun and Games: Guess the Movie


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:bow: :laughing: :bow: :laughing: :bow:

LOL, Jr., I must learn to preview my posts with images.

How about this one...this is a good idea, BTW...


Hmmmmm....Tenacious D: Complete Masterworks by any chance?

I cheated by going to Netflix. I shoulda known this without cheating. I'm so ashamed. What's worse is that I'm not even sure it's correct. Is it? :laughing:

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No...I'll throw another picture in...I didn't want to make it too easy, but I guess I made it too difficult. Sorry!


Oh, the shame! To cheat and still not get the right answer....fie, fie, fie.

Hmmm, John Cusack, huh? No, I don't deserve another chance. I'll just watch until someone gets it.

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