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Names That Have Been Appropriated


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While editing Dan's interview with Lita Ford, I had one of those "I remember when..." moments.

There was a time when the mononym "Lita" referred to Miss Ford, but sometime in the '90s, a WWE superstar became the world's most famous Lita - something that can be proven with a Google search.

"Arrested Development" used to mean a Hip-Hop/Funk outfit, but is now best-known as a TV show.

Perhaps the biggest appropriation is Madonna, who somehow stole the title from the Virgin Mary.

What are some other names that have been similarly appropriated?

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Steely Dan is better known than a dildo in the novel Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs.

Talking Heads is better known than the term used to describe a person talking as all content and no action.

E Street Band is better known than the E Street in New Jersey.

Jethro Tull is better known than the 18th-century agriculturist.

a-ha and the way of expressing positive recognition.

The Rolling Stones are better known than a line in the Muddy Water's song "Mannish Boy".

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Ehhm, as a non-native speaker of the English language I'm about to learn something new here.

Let me guess: does it also indicate bisexuality?

I think it's England where AC/DC can mean bisexual.

Although, if you listen to the Beck song "Where It's At", you'll hear an American voice say, "What about those who swing both ways, AC/DC." This was sampled from a 1969 sex education recording, so at one point, it was apparently a real term.

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