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anyone here athletic???

I play soccer(we just won the Cape Breton Cup!)

Baseball(we just won nothing)

Badminton(Doubles-my partner and I got silver out of our school board)

And HOCKEY!!!!!!!!!!! We won 3 tournaments this year!!!hahahahahaha

Anyone have any good pump up music that I can burn a cd of?

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I used to play field hockey, basketball, & various forms of football, I also liked Capture the Flag, that was one of my favorites.

Currently I don't really get too much into athleticism, but I work out just about each day, I don't know if that counts or not though.

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I played baseball. I couldn't pursue it, though. I used to catch, because I have no depth perception. I know, it seems odd, but behind the plate, I always knew how far away the ball was. Out in the field, if the ball was hit left or right of me, no problem. If it was hit right at me, though, I couldn't tell how fast it was moving, or how high or low it was bouncing. Just looked like a straight line to me.

Anyway, I played baseball. Now I just play ball with my kids. I still get to the gym 2-3 times a week. Mostly cardio. And I walk at lunch.

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