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Hurricane Irene


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Soooooooo talked to daughter...she's having a great time on the beach and now she tells me she was going to a Giants Bar....because of that hurricane, she needs to get her butt home....that girl is making me a nervouse wreck seriously...this is her first road trip out of state..and I'm a nervous mommy....She said she's leaving Saturday morning...I hope that's early enough..

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Daughter made it home safely... :)

Yay!!! :thumbsup:

Are you sleeping or watching the news or the hurricane?

I am planning to call my folks in an hour or two... they don't say anything on TV in Spain... :P

Please, in case you're up, keep us updated...

And please, keep safe!!!

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Personally dodged lots of bullets. No loss of power, flooding, wind damage, etc. No power since midnight on the next block from me. Lots of local flooding and trees down. The next town over lost a dam and water is flowing our way, but we're good. Took a walk and found some fish that got stranded as the water receded. I threw them back in the brook and did my good deed.

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Hooked up our router to our generator. Thankfully it's a nice day so the house isn't too hot. Still don't have power but no worries, I've got a guitar that doesn't require it ;)

Lots of roads are flooded, lots of traffic lights are out. Mass confusion on the roads. Took my girlfriend like 45 minutes to get home when it usually takes 20. No one knows how to handle a broken stoplight.

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