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Another update... yet again, it's from Bahrain

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So... I'm still alive, and back in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Not too much that's new on my end... though I did spend a week in Djibouti. If you haven't been to an impoverished region of Africa, all those commercials that you see about helping out kids and things like that... it's all true.

It was definitely heartbreaking to tell malnourished children that I don't have any food or water to spare for them...

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New Update!

This time, I'm at Camp Buehring, Kuwait.

This place is pretty nice. It has electricity, unlike the last little base-type settlement (merely a collection of tents surrounded by concertina wire) that I stayed in in the United Arab Emirates.

I'm supposed to be here for 3 months, but that's if nothing flares up in Afghanistan. I've got my fingers crossed...

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I was in NC for last Christmas, and thought it was bad because there was no snow. Christmas in the Middle East feels even less like it. I woke this morning and it took another Marine saying "Merry Christmas Corporal Heimann" for me to remember that it's Christmas.

And nobody got me any presents! :beady:

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