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Songfact's Fantasy Baseball VI: 2010


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BTW , the draft is done

:doh: at odd hours? I wanted to live draft so I could manually select players. Now I am without a proven QB... I mean the Eagles' Kolb as my starter.. seriously?

I wounded up with a player who was cut and no longer on a team. These are a few reasons why I hate auto draft.

A few other minor tweaks and adjustments need to be made, but I do have an impressive running game and my favorite player. I say Bring it On SF Rivals and let the games begin!

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Have you reached your max innings for pitching? You are only allowed 1450. I'd bet that's what it is. If that's the case it's a shame! You're gonna need big bats now .... :P

If you scroll to the bottom of your team page you'll see the allowable games (162)for each player position. For pitching, they count innings. Once you reach that max allowed, you don't get the points for that position. :P

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Grrrrr. Does anyone here use the drag & drop set up for their team pages, rather than classic? I use(d) classic. I like classic. And even tho' I have classic checked on each of my pages (4 in total), baseball & football, they all keep going back to the default drag & drop. I don't like it. :P anyone else having the same issue?

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