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Top 10 Movie Categories

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So period type pieces? Westerns? Historical settings? War movies? all fit that category. Would you want to include war films & westerns in the same category? Just asking, it's fine with me.

Animated films would be fun, and have been mentioned I think.

I also think family/feel good type films would be fun. Not necessarily Oscar material, but all time family favorites or feel good films, that you watch every time they come on? For example (not my favorite film), my kids even though they are adults, will watch Goonies any and every time they see that it's on .... ;) For me Billy Elliot & Stand By Me are examples that immediately come to mind. That type of thing.

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I was thinking that, movies like The Last Waltz, The Kids Are Alright, etc, and movies that deal primarily with music and musicians that aren't musicals per se-straight up biographies and movies like Almost Famous, Spinal Tap, A Hard Day's Night, etc. each as separate categories.

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