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Top 10 Movie Categories

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So far I know of 4 musicals that are taken, but I have loads of suggestions. I would recommend watching Hollywood Singing and Dancing, a retrospective of the American movie musical. There was also a comprehensive documentary of the musical hosted by Julie Andrews that ran on PBS a couple of years ago.

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I'm like Martin ... there are some times that I wish there were more than 10 spots, but not always. Then there are the times I'm lucky to fill ten. Honestly I think it would depend on the category.

In a way does it not sort of dilute the specialness of the first ten? (That is going to be an unpopular statement, I think). :P

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A movie topic suggestion, Best Animal (subject or at least co-subject) Movie. Be it horse, dog, cat, or an incredible journey taken by them, animals often serve as great metaphorical material in movies and there have been some dandies!

Another topic, have we mentioned (or already done) Animated Movies (scratches head as if bewildered.)

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