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Golden Oldies Top 40 #31

OLD 55

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Pink agrees in principle with my thoughts, suggesting a previous Top 10 placing would render a song ineligible for re-nomination. I wouldn't make the criteria for exclusion as black and white as that though.

eg next July celebrates the 55th Anniversary of the Birth of the Rock Era, so 'Rock Around The Clock' would loom as a possible re-nomination at that time - even though it's been #1 on our Chart.

Thanks for your thoughts Pink. :)

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bazooka would probably go along with me, except he feels it could get a bit complicated. I intend to put the positions and weeks in for each song in 'Every Song That's Made The Top 40'.

I can't see then how it would be much different to the Songfactors' Choice Weekly Top Ten, where you have to look each week to see if your nominations have made it before.

As he said, the criteria would have to be clarified. I'm sure we could come up with something workable.

I'm pleased to see bazooka's optimism about our Top 40 going on for years and years. I won't be here to see it. In fact my Wife has been at me to give Songfacts away completely, because it upsets me so much at times.

Thanks for your thoughts bazooka. :)

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Laurie, you're concerned that the range of songs would be limited.

If you just take the years just 1955 to 1963, there were over 5,000 charted Pop songs. That doesn't include the many R & B songs (which I decided to make eligible for our Top 40) that didn't cross over to those Pop Charts.

Thanks for your thoughts Laurie. :)

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I often seem to be a devil's advocate/ I've PTd you about that Mate.

...but I would object to disqualifying re-entries of prior top 10's. First of all, we are dealing with a very limited period of potential nominees (14 years from 1950-1963, but most of them in a 9-year span from 1955-1963). If we start excluding former successes, we run the risk of running out of good songs to nominate very quickly/ 6,000 + songs from 55 to 63. That's a lot to choose from.

Secondly, it's very undemocratic -- if the voters don't want re-entries, all they have to do is not vote them in/ OK, if enough people feel strongly about it I'll scrap the idea.

Third, as a practical matter, it's just a pain to keep track of. Former #1's are highlighted in red, but TT's are not, and it would require looking back at all the old charts to see if a song is eligible/ I'll fix that by the end of the week - hopefully.

I'll know a lot from doing my "raps", but it's hard to keep track of after 31 charts; after 100, it would be impossible./ Agreed. That's why I said I'd put the highest position and weeks in beside each song.

And finally, we've already had a top 10 re-enter and no one said "boo"! Jailhouse Rock by Elvis was #6 on the very first chart, then re-entered in week #21. Betcha didn't know that. ;)/ I'll bet we can find a lot more mistakes if we looked. You were kind enough to point out some that I made by PT last week. I appreciated that very much.

And as for Billboard Hot 100 reentries:/ Most of those re-entries we've talked about are years, even decades apart. I'm talking about months here in our Top 40 at the moment. I don't look to years at my age.

I think someone else needs to step up as my 'apprentice'. We'd need someone who has the time of course. ANY VOLUNTEERS ?

Thanks for your thoughts Jeff. :)

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Thanks for your thoughts Elena. :)

I really believe there's a lot of fuss about nothing much at all. I wonder if our friends who nominated those songs even realised that they'd already been in our Top 40 ? Anyway, the one thing I don't want to do is to overcomplicate things.

And I'm just trying to keep this as close to a 'real' Chart as possible. :P

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+5 Spanish Harlem - Ben E King

+4 At Last - Etta James

+3 Green Onions - Booker T and the MG's

+2 Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley

+1 Chain Gang - Sam Cooke


-5 Then He Kissed Me - Crystals

-4 Runaround Sue - Dion

-3 Get A Job - Silhouettes

-2 Unchain My Heart - Ray Charles

-1 There Goes My Baby - Drifters


5 Running Scared - Roy Orbison

4 Ruby Baby - Dion

3 Our Day Will Come - Rudy & the Romantics

2 Personality - Lloyd Price

1 Splish Splash - Bobby Darin

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I'm all for re-entries. As Cyberjudge wisely pointed out, the pool of potential nominees is just too shallow. That's just my two cents worth.

+5 Moon River - Henry Mancini

+4 Long Tall Sally - Little Richard

+3 Peggy Sue - Buddy Holly

+2 Surfer Girl - The Beach Boys

+1 La Bamba - Ritchie Valens

-5 Blueberry Hill - Fats Domino

-4 Spanish Harlem - Ben E. King

-3 At Last - Etta James

-2 Hitch Hike - Marvin Gaye

-1 Cry Me A River - Julie London

New Entries:

+5 Mean Woman Blues - Roy Orbison

+4 Pipeline - The Chantays

+3 Days Of Wine And Roses - Henry Mancini

+2 Handy Man - Jimmy Jones

+1 When Will I Be Loved - The Everly Brothers

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Thanks for voting Ron, Nicole and Ian. :)

Thanks for your thoughts on re-entries Lars, Laurie and Ian. :)

Laurie, you're one of my longest and dearest friends here and I know you'd go along with whatever's best for the Top 40.

I'm not against R/E totally - only ones which I reckon have had a fair go and performed well. I've got no problems with giving ones that were in before for only a few weeks another try. I Walk The Line has been the only real success story.

CeeJay said "if the voters don't want re-entries, all they have to do is not vote them in". I think he has a good point there. I don't like lots of rules, so...

How about we leave nominating of re-entries to the individual ?

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I don't have a problem with it either way, whatever y'all decide is fine. I would point though Darryl, what you always have said (with all due respect ;) ) keep it simple, stupid. If you can come up with a simple solution, then go with it, but you don't want to make a job out of it.

But, my personal opinion is that I think that we players can easily decide if a song is worthy of re-entry. If not, we won't vote for it. :P

Now, I gotta vote, I'm late! ;)

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Move 'em up:






Move 'em down:






Move 'em on:

+5 Our Day Will Come - Rudy & the Romantics

+4 It's Late ~ Ricky Nelson


+2 Honeycomb--Jimmie Rodgers

+1 Splish Splash-Bobby Darin

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Thanks for your thoughts and for voting Lucky. :)

I'm not going to press ahead with any bans of re-nominating songs that have already made it successfully to the Top 40, because as you say, it would make things a little more difficult for people. (K.I.S.S.). Also some are opposed to it.

I want everyone to be happy and to look forward to the Top 40 each week.

As for 'using up' all the good songs...well, that would take a lonnng time.

About 4 years to use 1,000 new songs, based on current trends, I reckon.


NOTE: Martin (Farin) just checked my figures and I did make an error.

He says it would be closer to 5 years.

Edited by Guest
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+5 Hitch Hike - Marvin Gaye

+4 Kansas City Wilbert Harrison

+3 Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley

+2 Surf City - Jan & Dean

+1 Crying In The Rain - Everly Brothers


-5 Raindrops - Dee Clark

-4 Hello Mary Lou - Ricky Nelson

-3 Get A Job - Silhouettes

-2 The End Of The World - Skeeter Davis

-1 Pretty Little Angel Eyes - Curtis Lee


+5 It's Late - Ricky Nelson

+4 Running Scared-Roy Orbison

+3 Stagger Lee - Lloyd Price

+2 Blue Suede Shoes - Carl Perkins

+1 Linda Lu - Ray Sharpe

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In fact my Wife has been at me to give Songfacts away completely, because it upsets me so much at times.

You really do get worked up sometimes :) !

We all love music here. I think, if you're anything like me, that's not much of it you can really "hate".

But we all have our predilections and biases. You show a fondness for Elvis. I lean toward R&B crossover stuff.

To anyone younger than me, these songs were already Golden Oldies when they first heard them.

I guess the point is trying to keep these fantastic records part of the vast array of musical choices. Try to sit back and enjoy the impressive contributions you've created for Songfacts.

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You're both right. I have to chill out. ;)

Funny, I sometimes find nice compliments as bazooka just paid me (thanks Mate) harder to respond to than 'problems'. I'm an aggro old Basket at times. Sorry if I've upset anyone by belaboring points, such as wewon'trunoutofsongs.

Sometimes I forget this, which I've told others here: It's just a Game !


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This G.O.T.40 has people coming in and others leaving, which has a significant affect on certain songs.

Yes Kenne. As different people join us (I hope nobody leaves) we do get quite a few re-nominations of songs that were in before.

Especially ones that were in the original Top 40 which weren't voted in. I compiled that using ratings from from the Billboard Charts 1955-1963.


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