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Greatest Guitar RIFFS


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"Layla", "Sunshine of Your Love" and ?Day Tripper? all boast excellent riffs.

The Kinks had some terrific ones featured in ?You Really Got Me? and ?All Day and All of The Night? and the opening and interspersed riff on Aerosmith?s ?Walk This Way? is fantastic.

AC/DC, imo, created some of hard rock?s best, most powerful riffs (e.g. Highway To Hell, Rock N? Roll ain?t Noise Pollution etc.) thus my favorite would have to be ?Back In Black? with ?Layla? running a close second.


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What is Life ~ George Harrison

Godzilla ~BOC

Go All the WAy ~ The Raspberries

Last Child ~ Aerosmith

Hard to Be ~ The Vaughan Brothers

Are You Gonna Go My Way ~ Lenny Kravitz

Walk All Over You ~ AC/DC

Great White Buffalo ~ Ted Nugent

That's one. Eight times.

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