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Bob Dylan


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I agree. The Essential Bob Dylan (2000) compilation is an excellent introduction.

As for albums the two previously mentioned as well as Bringing It All Back Home (1965) are great "electric" rock albums. The classic The Freewheeling Bob Dylan (1963) is probably his best folk acoustic album.

Another favourite of mine is 1975's Blood on the Tracks a lovely breakup album that ranks with his best '60's work in my opinion.

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As our friends already said, the best Dylan is the 60s and bit of 70s Dylan.

My ever faves:

- Blonde On Blonde

- Highway 61

- Bringing it all back home

- Blood on The Tracks

- Bob Dylan Greatest Hits vol I and II (the ones with the blue picture of Dylan singing, Farin had one of them as his avatar... )

- Nashville Skyline

I could also suggest some songs... but it will never end and I just came home from work now... :)

...don´t miss "Ballad of a thin man"... you can find a lot of Dylan on Youtube... if not all.

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I laughed a lot with the Rolling Stone comment... :laughing:

I must admit that´s quite similar to what I thought when I heard that album... then I found out some of the songs are good.

But no, it´s not my favorite Dylan album...

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It's hard to choose a favorite Bob album so I'd start with one of the compilations. My favourites are Blood On The Tracks and Blonde on Blonde. Also the Live 1966 album is brilliant and Hard Rain for his epic rendition of Idiot Wind, which is just amazing. I'm a huge Bob fan but I still haven't heard all of his stuff, so I'll have to follow up some of this myself. Just enjoy Viaene. Bob is the best. :)

By the way, and excuse my ignorance if the answer is obvious, but does anybody know who or what painting Bob is holding in this picture? Thanks. :)


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