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  1. Ahhhh thanks alot Dappled, a virtual beer for you! also this song introduced me to a great band (eRa)! There you go MuzikTyme,enjoy cool brother ! Thanks everyone ! Cheers.
  2. Hello everyone, I hope everyone is doing great and the new year heading to a good start, I did my best to I.D this song through the sticky program but I couldn't. Anyways the song in-question is in this clip starts at 1:00, it looks like a very famous tune, alas it seems I'm very old school eh! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2d0yvXL6YU Thanks in advance.
  3. Check out this song V, and just chill Here!
  4. Viaene : nope I'm not the user, I tried to contact him since I speak some Arabic but he doesn't know either lol! and yes what Edna said, it's Arabic. Thanks mucho for trying the Seeker, I appreciate it mate. Love you Edna, thanks a lot for the help .. you rock and yeah! this tune rock and so happy Cheers and I hope you all having an awesome weekend, Unseen.
  5. Hello, I posted a request for this tune : Here! It was like some months ago, it was a request inside a request topic, so I decided to make a separate request for this in-order others see it. Thanks in advance cool friends, Unseen. P.S: I once said this tune has a touch of Beethoven but my Uncle Joe said " you gotta be kiddin' " but I still insist
  6. Thank you Farin, awesome song. just wanted something to leave a "serious" impression, thanks again. Thank you Viaene, yep! the best. Dust in The Wind was a winner, I apprecite your help. Thank you Laurie_, I appreciate it. Thanks MindCrime, cool song, just not what I'm looking for. Thanks bluesboy, nothing beats the Beatles. Thank you BlueAngel, I appreciate it. Thanks Foolonthehill, to answer your question we have a small forums/bulletin boards, so it's like we post a thought for the day, put a picture in there and add song to fit. Thank you Epiphany, I appreciate i
  7. Hello cool people of Songfacts, Please, I need a song to fit this motivational poster. as it says, it's about perspective also ego, or even can be about reputation and don't pay too much attention to these things, having an open mind etc thanks in advance would appreciate anything other than rap or country. Cheers.
  8. Ok Farin, take your time mate I'll be waiting *taps foot* lol! I wasn't kiddin' my Uncle, but you know what .. lets wait and see Please tell Bitter Almonds as soon as you done from this Cigarette. Thank you very much Edna, loved all of them and perfectly fits the request, thanks for your all time help Cheers, Unseen.
  9. That one awesome song Danny Brown, thanks you very much for replying. Cool song Edna one of my all time John Lennon songs, if not the best, thank you .. it's cool but I can't really pass it to my friend lol! Cheers, Lamar.
  10. Hiya Levis, I tell you dear, you have the right to not to digest Thom Yorke nor his lyrics, but really you can't classify Radiohead as overrated by any means, saying overrated means that they have a large base of fans from all walks, mainstream,sellout,commercial .. etc I'm not interested in a discussion/debate as these things obvious .. but sometimes when we don't like someone or something we only see bad things or what we want to see, or the barrier we created make us blind. Wishing you an awesome weekend,Love you, Unseen.
  11. I don't want to post a new topic then it will look like a spam, LeeBB or anyone can you help to name this symphony please ? I believe it's Beethoven but I'm not sure. Thanks in advance, Unseen.
  12. Cheers LeeBB, I appreciate all of your efforts and taste mate ! G'day sir! Unseen.
  13. Awesome stuff I loved them all specially : You Can't Always Get What You Want ~ Rolling Stones The Greatest Love of All-both versions Hero-Mariah Carey If I Ain't Got You-Alicia Keys Thanks a lot everyone, much appreciated. Cheers, Unseen.
  14. I dig Neil Young a lot not for being an awesome musician only but for being an activist too, anyways here some pics I hope you like them : And always Peace : You can always try photobucket and image-shack, you will find hundreds of pictures in there. Cheers, Unseen.
  15. Hello, I've a friend, she always go with the flow but now she's you know asking for more, we all have different perspective toward things for example a car is essential or basic for some but it's mean nothing to others, some can live without a partner or a companion some can't live without someone, it's all depends on the person. So she's been looking for things now, like a car, more money, a partner, to party etc she's 34, while I disagree with her, I'm not trying to be a shrink but this how life goes, sometimes you have to accept things and let go, you do the reasons .. what ever you c
  16. Awesome Ladies and Gentlemen, please keep them coming, and sorry for pumping too many threads at one time
  17. Good job as usual Udo, lol! sorry for not liking that song
  18. Yep! it's an awesome song, thanks Udo, and I hope everything well in your side.
  19. Hello, Please add what you see a hilarious/funny song, the song must be funny by lyrics, perofrmance or the tune, funny not happy or making you feel good. I don't know what the hell is this but funny ! Middle Aged Woman Slipknot Labamba Cover The Lama Song Carl Douglas - Kung Fu fighting "I love this song but I think it's kinda funny Be happy you will see everything surrounds you happy ! Cheers, Unseen.
  20. @Shawna I'm not sure, I called Karma last night and told me on a vacation, it all comes back @Levis Thank you very much, awesome song now we got three solid songs ! @Udo Thank you very much, nice song but not solid enough eh ! Cheers, Unseen
  21. This song : http://youtube.com/watch?v=qqsyXdj_p_I Some people think it's a suciding song a very depressed one but if you're into Radiohead and understand the lyrics from another angle you will realize that this song give you hope and make you happy. Cheers, Unsee. P.S: can someone start a thread about most funny or hilarious songs on history, please !
  22. @Udo and Levis lol! Someday I'll find something on both of you and go "ROFL" all day long *goes to dig their old threads* ! @MuzikTyme Thank you very much for the greeting and the help, I appreciate it a lot, you guys got some rockin' mods in here ! Cheers, Unseen.
  23. @TheLizard and Levis *blushes* thanks a lot for both of you, you know I see no point for being e-pen!s "I did ! so Earth Angel won't edit" yeah no point for being a jerk or ungrateful specially over the internet, besides you guys helping, wether you like what you do or not, it's your job or not, still it's a great effort 'cause without help I may spend a year looking for what I want and those guys find it for me within one hour ! imagine ! (TYVMFTH) new one means Thank You Very Much For The Help HA ! @edna Thank you very much for your help, I liked the second song a lot, what you said a
  24. @Shawna Thank you very much our wonderful moerator, I liked the song and the lyrics, I'm pretty much blues guy eh ! @Steel2Velvet Thank you very much, loved the song and the lyrics, exactly what I want, it has energy too ! @Lucky Thank you very much our moderator, lucky to have your respond, thanks for posting the lyrics, yeah! awesome song for this topic. @Otokichi Thank you very much, brilliant song and very emotional too, liked it a lot now it's hard what to choose between this or everyday people ! @Udo Thank you very much Udo, and welcome back I hope you can see me now H
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