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And you thought Rolling Stone and Spin were crap!


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judged by the people at pitchfork media, the 50 worst guitar solos.

I haven't heard of most of these solos, but I think they were pretty bad.

Let me warn you, everyone on this site will be pissed off at #2.

His reasons for disliking Comfortably Numb were stupid. Because "painstakingly sliced up a few different versions of the solo, and meticulously pieced them together in the studio." One, who cares? Does more complicated mean worse?

2nd. if you take out the adjectives, it sounds like no big deal. "sliced up a few different versions of the solo, and pieced them together in the studio"

Then the "Dazed and Confused" solo. One, the bow part fits perfectly with the psychadelic mood of the song. Also, the part after the bow is terrific!

He didn't like Eddie Van Halen because he was a show off "Shouting for attention." He didn't like Frampton because he used the talkbox. He didn't like Freebird because rednecks like it. There's no pleasing this guy!

I guess if this list was called 50 most overated solos, I would agree with a lot of it. But 50 worst? Come on man.

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They're entertaining to read if only for the pot shot value they give and take, but the title of this thread... I thought Rolling Stone and Spin were crap?! They still carry the banner for all crapdom in the music industry.

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My post is late to this thread, but I just looked at the list & I actually agree with about half the pick on there. One that got to me though was #29 Metallica - Anastasia Pulling Teeth. For one this is a Bass solo, not a Standard Guitar, & one of the best bass solo's I've ever heard at that. He even admits to that during his dispute. He calls it It's the epitome of the accidental studio cut. "I was just f**kin' around... oh, the tape was running? Cool!" and then tries to insist that Burton only became a legend after his death, otherwise he would be completely unnoticed if he were still alive. His argument isn't correct, as he was already recognized as one of the best coming bassists during the early 80's. If "Fade to Black" had been on there, this list would've been far more implausible.

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I'm personally surprised that this guy had the balls to put his name anywhere near this column. Did he ever think of how Gilmour would ever play the song in concert if he had to chop it all up to make it good? And if this guys putting Clapton at #1 on any worst list about guitars, someone should pull his head out of his ass and slap him. Page, Skynyrd, Gilmour, and Clapton rock! :rockon:

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