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  1. Instant Karma

    Yeah! UH! Woo! Oh! Ah! Ooh!

    Bowie's "Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!" I love it.
  2. Instant Karma

    Big Band

    Big Band music is my current obsession. I recently found a cd I burned for history class with all these big band songs on it...Glen Miller, Benny Goodman...I can't stop listening to it. It just picks me up. If anyone's got any suggestions, you're favorite song and whatnot?
  3. Instant Karma

    The O.C

    I said I wouldn't watch it...and then everyone else was watching it, and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about...and then...I couldn't stop...Auuugh! It's taken me in...but at least I can admit it's a soap. Everyone else who watches it gets very offended when I call it a soap.
  4. Instant Karma


    Italian translated to Spanish? Anywhoo, I loooved that movie. It's up there as one of my favorites. It's so cute, Amelie is wonderful.
  5. Instant Karma

    Without a Paddle review

    I did like the movie...I was afraid because the newspaper gave it one star. But I thought it was great. I also thought I might be biased because I loooove Seth Green...Oh well.
  6. Instant Karma

    love actually

    I loved that movie...it's the ultimate chick flick.
  7. Instant Karma

    Your first album

    Um...the spice girls. Sigh...I'm so young.
  8. Instant Karma

    Songs that are hard not to like.

    Sing, Sing, Sing - Benny Goodman Once you hear the drums starting off this song, you won't be able to stay sitting. And of course there's Putting On The Ritz. And a lot of Sinatra stuff.
  9. Instant Karma

    Something to ponder

    I'm not sure why I listen to the music I do. A lot of it my Dad used to listen to all the time when I was little, so it's familiar. I used to listen to all sorts of music, I would keep changing and listen to something different all the time, until now I found music that I love.
  10. Instant Karma

    I Robot

    I was surprised at I, Robot. I didn't hate it. I went into the theatre fully expecting to hate the movie. I saw the commercials and I couldn't figure out how the robots were killing people...that's not allowed within the 3 laws! As you can tell, I'm an Asimov fan. But they explained it pretty well at the end, and I wasn't disappointed.
  11. Instant Karma

    Sad Songs

    When I'm sad, I usually listen to happy songs to bring my mood up. But here are some sad songs. Tears in Heaven - Clapton (that song gets me every time...I start to tear when I hear it) Closing Time - Semisonic (It was on when my Dad was on the way to see my Grampa for the last time.) Lightning Crashes - Live Lots of Neil Young is sad. He's good at sad songs. Hurt - the Johnny Cash version
  12. Instant Karma

    Can you recognize a band by a note, or a voice?

    Janis Joplin and David Bowie are a couple I haven't seen mentioned yet. Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon is a song I can instantly recognize, as soon as it starts. As well as Signs by the Five Man Electrical Band.
  13. Instant Karma

    Theres no such thing as the best in Art

    I agree that most of the best guitarists were self-taught, but I think it's important to be taught by someone else who really knows that they're doing, especially theory. I know that you can create your own style even if you've been taught.
  14. Instant Karma

    And you thought Rolling Stone and Spin were crap!

    :: I like the talkbox...but that's just me... Freebird should NOT be on that list. Neither should Dazed and Confused. I won't go on. Boo list.
  15. Instant Karma

    Your display pic/avatar/icon

    It's a person. With a guitar. and...I drew it on Paint. Yay for me!