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  1. maybe just playing was all they ever wanted anyway .
  2. they are asking for not mainstream . so i must pick an indie band with techno and rock together . it shall make me a music genius o_0 . j/k ... im fond of that band . lets me relax and its good . nice lyrics . ''if i die'' is a very nice song . here are the ones i listen to most frequent . Walking By Not What It Seems i kissed a drunk girl Babies of the 80s As You Sleep Fall Me and the Moon some of the import cd's has good hidden/extra tracks..
  3. hmmm any oi band from the 70's and any oi band made now . almost the same exact sound and chanting . even the lyrics are staying the same .
  4. i heard all these bands on casey casums countdown everyday before school . they are alright . when i was a kid i thought the monkies were a beatles look alike group . who were the monkies again ? i remember this tv show they had , i think . its all so blurry ::
  5. ''the fact that kids are still excited about their music says something.'' actually , i dont know about that . im 22 and this is just a trend the teens are going through . its this ''anything thats old must be better'' phase .i dont remember in highschool kids even doing this . it seems to be my lil bro's gen that loves the 70's and 80's far too much for no good reason . for me , for some reason whats remembered is what i was listening to when i was a child . things like elton john , fleetwood mac , sade etc. though i still keep up with finding new bands . i have no idea what ill be listening to in 20 years . i think things are at this akward stage with music (excuse my spelling). theres no telling whats going to happen next . i cant even imagine what the generation under my lil bro's will remember and think of .
  6. its not a documentary ...just someones opinion .
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