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Happy Holidays or near misses.


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it's shaping up to be a really great one for my kid... and I'm so very happy I can make that happen.

We all share in each other's happiness and defeats around here, and I'm so grateful that I have you guys to share my foibles with get cranky or even cry a little, even though it makes all you menfolk run into hiding to see a woman's tears.

Thanks for being there this past year, you all. For it's mostly been a truly banner year for me. :)

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Happy holidays, y'all! This has been a ridiculously not so good year for me, but it's almost over, so yay for that. It is so comforting to know that I can always come here and get love from my Songfacts family. Smooches, everybody. :grin:

Now stop all the mushy crap and pass the spiked eggnog. Sammy, get the lampshade off your head, would ya?

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Happy Christmas and Hannukah and future weekend!! :cool:

I learned yesterday that Hannukah isn´t a sort of jewish Christmas but more like... wait... :P it has something to do with a candle and some oil... my sister explained it to me but now I´m studying other things for my job -not religion related- so I don´t really know.

But in any case, have a very happy holidays everybody...! :bow: :bow:

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