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The Songfactors' Choice: Best Canadian Artists!

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I'm obviously a little late to this discussion, but I'll add my two cents anyway.

Five Man Electrical Band

I'm A Stranger Here


Absolutely Right


Pretty Lady

One Fine Morning

Sunny Days

I'm also a huge fan of Neil Young, BTO, Anne Murray and The Guess Who.

Here are some one hit wonders.

Cousin Mary - Fludd

Make My Life A Little Bit Brighter - Chester

Can You Give It All To Me - Myles & Lenny

As The Years Go By - Mashmakhan

I also like Gowan and Andy Kim.

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Ugh... Loverboy? Seriously? And don't even get me started on Nickelback & Celine! I'll admit, there were many good bands mentioned, however sooooooo many better acts were completely ignored. CanAm had good ones. Unfortunately the 2 Canadian kids didn't participate. Oh well. Next time. And perhaps have it split between pre- 80's & post 80's (of the band forming).

For fun, I'd have mentioned bands nobody but Canadians would know of: The Tragically Hip, The Tea Party & Bif Naked. :)

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I can see how some people may have heard of Bif Naked, due to her multiple bouts with breast cancer and her opposition to anything the government does (in ANY country) as well as being very anti-war.

The Hip being known outside of Canada is surprising, as they limit themselves to performances mostly in Canada, unlike The Tea Party who tried crossing the border with little success.

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