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The Great Funny Images Thread

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Very easy and so much better than the sum of its parts:

-Toast two pieces of white bread (wheat or rye do not deliver the same flavor, but if you just WILL NOT eat white bread ... OK)

-Fry some bacon and immediately soak the grease off with paper towels (you want this bacon nice and crispy)

-slather the toast with mayonaise

-place two or three leaves of fresh, crisp lettuce on the mayoed toast, preferably hanging over the egdes abit so your "platform" is expanded

-cover the lettuce surface with quarter inch slices of fresh, sweet tomato

-cover the tomatoes with bacon until the tomatoes are no longer visible

-put on that other piece of toast to complete the sandwich

-eat with a side of a couple of your favorite kind of pickle and a glass of cold milk, tea or cola and be ready to become addicted!

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