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Connecticut has turned into Frontierland, but with downed power lines. It's a good thing I've been nice to the neighbors, since they have food and hot water and have been very generous.

On a reasonably busy nearby street, there are wires down all over the place, and they've been there for 2 days. This state is basically a giant park, and it looks like someone stomped on it. Somehow, our library had wireless and heat and coffee - just hope whatever generator they're using keeps tickin'.

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We had no power for just over a day (thank goodness for generators) and it came back just before my daughrer got home from school yesterday, so trick-or-treating was saved!

It was weird to have to watch out for icy pathways in October, though. SOme towns are moving trick-or-treating to later in the week due to downed trees and power lines.

I don't know about Boston, Edna, but my brother lives in Rhode Island (not too far) and they got through the storm fine...not even snow.

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Another big dust storm yesterday afternoon. Lasted for a couple of hours. Nice coating of dirt on everything that was exposed to it.

Then around 10 p.m., in rolled the rain, turning everything to mud. Thankfully, my car was parked in the garage. My son's, however, was not.

I'm now sufficiently reluctant to leave the house.

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