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Up-and-coming indie bands for interview

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it IS fast with some of these bands! I guess it all depends on how much publicity they're after at the time, and Thriving Ivory is on a tour promoting the hell out of their music.

I've gotten some nibbles on some of these other suggestions, and when they're in the mood, they'll come callin'... :)

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Thanks for the suggestions!!

Question: Is HumanLab putting out any new stuff? the only info I could find on them says their last release was in 2005. There's no official site except their MySpace, and from what I could tell, there's nothing recent...?


From what I know, they're going around putting on shows locally. So I'm not really sure. Sorry I couldn't be more help and getting back to you so late. Maybe if you contacted them, you could find out.

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I'll be talking with Ben Romans within the next week. :cool:

The above quote was made sometime in March, which is when the interview actually happaned, but was kept quiet...

Until now...

After weeks of waiting for them to come up with a title for their album, Ben has unlocked the gate for this interview... which means they must be getting close... see the blurb in the "About Songfacts Interview" thread, and then read the real thing. :)


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Great Interview Shawna!....Scott Jason sounds like he really loves writing, and I love that he gave out his advice to other aspiring writers out there also...Nice Job Shawna! :thumbsup:

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aspiring, yeah that sounds better than inspiring...but yeah, that's what I meant..
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thanks, Laurs :) I think he's been plugging at the songwriting for a very long time before things began to happen, so he knows what it's like for other aspiring writers out there. I agree, it was nice of him to give them encouragement!

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I love "Delilah"!! and I will definitely ask her that story. That's my favorite.

We talked about "Leeds United" today... very interesting ~ and involved ~ story, that. We talked about "Oasis," and "Girl Anachronism," and "Ampersand." So I lied, we covered 4 songs...

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Second chat with Amanda today... covered "Delilah," "Lonesome Organist Rapes Page Turner," "Strength Through Music," and "Guitar Hero."

Also got some up-to-the-minute breaking news:

Amanda got engaged today to Neil Gaiman (author of "Coraline"). :grin:

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Amos Lee ..... probably one of the more "successful but unknown" singer songwriters currently out there. I discovered him on our local independent radio station (KPRI Encinitas ... you know it Shawna). From wiki:

"He has released four albums on Blue Note Records, Amos Lee, Supply and Demand, Last Days at the Lodge, and Mission Bell. He has been on tour with musicians such as Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Norah Jones, Paul Simon, Merle Haggard, John Prine, Dave Matthews Band and recently, English singer and musician, Adele."

In case you've never heard of him: more about the man, his music, and career

Windows are Rolled Down

Night Train

Sweet Pea (you've heard this one on the AT&T commercial)

Truth ; plus the man speaking about how his career began

I'm loving this guy ..... :thumbsup:

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I think you should most definitely interview one of my favorite bands, Shaimus. They're a great up and coming indie rock band and were featured on the first guitar hero and rock band. I've interviewed them before when I had my radio show and they're a fun group of guys.

Here's their website .

And here are a few of their songs:

"Like A Fool"

"Let Go"

"All Of This"

"Stuck Around"

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Check out the musical guest lineup on Yo Gabba Gabba (not kidding here). They tend to get a lot of young up & comers along with a lot of the indie pop bands. My suggestion for an interesting interview - try Chromeo. They linked up with Hall & Oates to record some tracks and they seem like thoughtful and interesting guys.

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