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Up-and-coming indie bands for interview

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I've sent out feelers to the publicists for: Okkervil River,

Martin, I've finally gotten through to someone in their camp, who is following up with this for me. In fact, he's sending me their new CD. Hopefully I will be hearing something soon...

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woohoo :bow: :)

I don't have many questions though :blush:

I would like to know how they got to their name - even wikipedia doesn't have any good explanation for that...

oh, and you could ask them what inspired them to do the song "After Hours"... I think Keith ones said it's about "death"?

woohoo again :)

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things are coming together with these suggestions, people! Remember I said it takes time... :)

I was able to finish up my interview with Keith Murray (We Are Scientists), and now, thanks to some recon work by my beloved Blind-Fitter, I have scheduled Steve (the Broken Family Band) for Sunday. Seems their e-mail has been the recipient of hundreds of spam mails a day, and my e-mails had been erroneously relegated to the bucket.

Upcoming is Okkervil River... TBA...

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woohoo :rockon: :bow: :coolio:

just one thing, from the headlines:

"Here, lead singer Keith Murray talks about Letterman, the unique band name that causes foreheads to wrinkle, and the finer points of ignoring what's right in front of his eyes."

my first thought was: since when are they named "Letterman"?


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