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The Songfactors' Choice: The Very Best of 2007!

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Robert Plant/Alison Krauss

1. "Rich Woman" (Dorothy LaBostrie, McKinley Miller) – 4:04

2. "Killing the Blues" (Rowland Salley) – 4:16

3. "Sister Rosetta Goes Before Us" (Sam Phillips) – 3:26

4. "Polly Come Home" (Gene Clark) – 5:36

5. "Gone, Gone, Gone (Done Moved On)" (Phil Everly, Don Everly) – 3:33

6. "Through the Morning, Through the Night" (Gene Clark) – 4:01

7. "Please Read the Letter" (Charlie Jones, Michael Lee, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) – 5:53

8. "Trampled Rose" (Tom Waits, Kathleen Brennan) – 5:34

9. "Fortune Teller" (Naomi Neville) – 4:30

10. "Stick with Me, Baby" (Mel Tillis) – 2:50

11. "Nothin'" (Townes Van Zandt) – 5:33

12. "Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson" (Milton Campbell) – 4:02

13. "Your Long Journey" (A. D. Watson, Rosa Lee Watson)

As I've gotten older, my musical tastes have grown to embrace more non mainstream music. As a foundation, I will always love straight up rock, and straight up country. This collaberation features two of the most unlikely, but loved voices in both those arenas. Going into this nomination, I have to admit, I hadn't heard any but a couple of songs from this album. Thankfully, almost all are available as video clips. The more I heard, the more I liked. Plant harmonizing in a way we've never before heard him, Krauss stretching out from her comfort zone. It's not country, and it sure isn't rock. Many of the songs are slow, and haunting. I've heard it described as folk, but that isn't it either. The best way I can describe the music on this album is Roots Music...updated for today. I'm in love with the sounds on this album. An unlikely collaberation? Yes. A great album? Most definately! :)

The unlikely collaberation

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wow... I really want to nominate RCPM "No More Beautiful World." I know it won't get any votes except my own. :crazy:

Tell you what... I will nominate it if everybody that reads this post promises to have a listen, and then vote for it.


I'm also really liking Rilo Kiley right now... new discovery on my part, well worth a listen.

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"Twelve" - Patti Smith


I love her and I love her singing the classics, as she did with "Gloria" first time I heard her 23 years ago.


1- Are You Experienced?

2- Everybody Wants To Rule The World

3- Helpless

4- Gimme Shelter

5- Within You Without You

6- White Rabbit

7- Changing Of The Guards

8- The Boy In The Bubble

9- Soul Kitchen

10- Smells Like Teen Spirit

11- Midnight Rider

12- Pastime Paradise

"Smells Like Teen Spirit" - Patti Smith

She dares... :thumbsup: and she´s amazing!! :bow:

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I make no apologies that my tastes run more toward the pop mainstream than most of you cool, hip Songfactors. Jimmy crack corn and I don't care if you vote for it. :laughing:

That being said, I nominate Alicia Keys' "As I Am".

Here is what the Almighty Wikipedia has to say about it:

"As I Am is the third studio album by American R&B/soul singer Alicia Keys, and was released on November 13, 2007. It features appearances by John Mayer, Marsha Ambrosius, Linda Perry, and others.

Critical response to the album was mainly positive. Giving the album three out of five stars, Rolling Stone found the album's prevailing mood "reflectively soulful and the prevailing tempo mid."[6] The New York Times said that "As I Am radiates not just confidence but also experience," and added, "On the whole it's her strongest effort yet."[7] People magazine said that while not "veering too much from the Keys playbook," Keys "continues to scale artistic heights on As I Am" and gave the album three and a half stars.[8] This album was #36 on Rolling Stone's list of the Top 50 Albums of 2007.[9] The song "Teenage Love Affair" was #23 on Rolling Stone's list of the 100 Best Songs of 2007.[10] In People Magazine's Best (And Worst!) of 2007 issue, they noted the top ten albums of the year, and As I Am was ranked #1. The album was ranked the #11 biggest selling album of 2007, with sales of 3,222,000."

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RG, I would totally vote for Easy Tiger, I mean, I probably wouldn't consider it one of my very favorites of 2007 but it is probably my favorite of those that have been mentioned in this thread (besides the ones that I mentioned, because of course those ones would be my favorites).

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I was hoping I wouldn't have to be the one to nominate this so I could basically have a third nomination, but as most of the classic rockers seem to be avoiding this thread, and it would be a crime if it got left off, I'm going to nominate it myself.

"Magic" - Bruce Springsteen


1. "Radio Nowhere" – 3:21

2. "You'll Be Comin' Down" – 3:46

3. "Livin' in the Future" – 3:56

4. "Your Own Worst Enemy" – 3:19

5. "Gypsy Biker" – 4:32

6. "Girls in Their Summer Clothes" – 4:20

7. "I'll Work for Your Love" – 3:35

8. "Magic" – 2:46

9. "Last to Die" – 4:17

10. "Long Walk Home" – 4:35

11. "Devil's Arcade" – 5:20

12. "Terry's Song" – 4:11 (hidden track)

I'm not going to write a long review this time, I'll just ask people to listen to the album. It speaks for itself.

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I was hoping I wouldn't have to be the one to nominate this so I could basically have a third nomination, but as most of the classic rockers seem to be avoiding this thread, and it would be a crime if it got left off, I'm going to nominate it myself.

"Magic" - Bruce Springsteen

Well, had you waited a few hours longer TimLizzy, I'd have nominated it, and then you would have had a third nomination... :shades:

Regardless of who did, I'm glad it's here! Now, I've got to come up with a second nomination. :smirk:

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Here's an album I want but don't have

It's called:

Hats Off to the Buskers

and it's by

The View

and it looks like:


So these guys come from Scotland and they do not lose their accent while singing. I first heard them on my yahoo station singing Same Jeans .

Wiki sez: The View released their debut album Hats Off to the Buskers on January 22, 2007, which entered the UK Album Chart at number one the following week. It was nominated for the 2007 Mercury Music Prize

The first single from the album was released the year before - Wasted Little DJs

Apart from that... try out:

Superstar Tradesmen

Face For The Radio

The Don

I'm liking them :headphones:

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Echos Silence Patience and Grace - Foo Fighters


1. "The Pretender" – 4:29

2. "Let It Die" – 4:05

3. "Erase/Replace" – 4:13

4. "Long Road to Ruin" – 3:44

5. "Come Alive" – 5:10

6. "Stranger Things Have Happened" – 5:21

7. "Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make Up Is Running)" – 3:41

8. "Summer's End" – 4:37

9. "Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners" – 2:32

10. "Statues" – 3:47

11. "But, Honestly" – 4:35

12. "Home" – 4:52

the pretender & long road to ruin have already been great hit around here, and probably in the rest of the world too.

this album contains a mixture of old time foo fighters rock and rockbalads which makes it to a very balanced album in my opinion. The album starts rough with the pretender and then slows down to end with Home.

a somehow remarkable song is Ballad of the baconsfield miners, which is entirely acoustic, brilliant composition with no singing, it sounds very nostalgic, something you don't hear anymore these days. I knew the foo fighters before, but thanks to this album I really became a fan of them and showed more interest in their previous music.

to me, the best I've bought in 2007!

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Here's my personal list of the best 2007 albums, if anyone cares

1. Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam

2. White Stripes - Icky Thump

3. Panda Bear - Person Pitch

4. Of Montreal - Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer?

5. Menomena - Friend and Foe

6. Radiohead - In Rainbows

7. Black Moth Super Rainbow - Dandelion Gum

8. Madlib - Beat Konducta India

9. Justice - †

10. Blitzen Trapper - Wild Mountain Nation

11. Daft Punk - Alive 2007

12. Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass

13. Battles - Mirrored

14. The Shins - Wincing the Night Away

15. Dan Deacon - Spiderman of the Rings

16. Arcade Fire - Neon Bible

17. LCD Soundsystem - Sound of Silver

18. Spoon - Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga

19. MIA - Kala

20. The Apples In Stereo - New Magnetic Wonder

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Every year we're getting more and more vintage dynamite archival recordings surfacing from the musicians we care about the most.


In 2007 Neil Young gave us a taste of what's to come with this release of a concert in 1971 in a relatively small setting - solo and acoustic.

Live at Massey Hall 1971 in Toronto on January 19th 1971.

The track listing -

On the Way Home – 3:42

Tell Me Why – 2:29

On the Way Home / Tell Me Why

Old Man – 4:57

Journey Through the Past – 4:15

Helpless – 4:16

Love In Mind – 2:47

A Man Needs a Maid / Heart of Gold Suite – 6:39

Cowgirl in the Sand – 3:45

Don't Let It Bring You Down – 2:46

There's a World – 3:33

Bad Fog of Loneliness – 3:27

The Needle and the Damage Done – 3:55

Ohio – 3:40

See the Sky About to Rain – 4:05

Down by the River – 4:08

Dance Dance Dance – 5:48

I Am a Child – 3:19

There's also an accompanying dvd.

This is just a prelude to what's coming from his vaults on Feb. 18th 2008.

An 8cd / 2 dvd treasure trove called...

The Archives 1963 - 1972 Vol. 1 which might become the box set of the year for the baby boomers.

Here's the trailer for the upcoming box set release on Feb. 18th.

This release was pushed back to 2008.


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