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  1. Harguitay

    Notion of the Ocean

    Point taken.
  2. Harguitay

    Notion of the Ocean

    You didn't read the poem, did you?
  3. Harguitay


    I was there. It was the first time I ran away from home. Unlike most runaways I had a plan. From Idaho to New York, to the seminal event in my young life. I came back to a beating from my dad and a wink from my mum, both welcome....
  4. Harguitay

    Who the "bleep" are you? Parents censor Live 8

    As the son of a son of a sailor with morality equal to or less than Gomorrah on a bad day I have subjected my kids to a lifetime's share of profanity, but I've tried to teach that the time and place for such color should be well chosen. The song in question contains a line well in keeping with the mood and attitude of the situation. If I was in Pete's shoes I would ask the very same thing...and I'm sure my son would too. And I'd probably wait a day or two to bail him out.
  5. Harguitay

    Heavy metal

    "The angrier the better." That's the punk mantra. "Speed equals greatness." That isn't music; it's masturbation. "I only know three chords!" Cheech Marin said that in a parody of heavy metal, and there's the tragedy. Heavy metal, or the best of it, is steeped in the darkest blues, and none of the recent contributions to the genre have a clue.
  6. Harguitay

    AAArrgghh...tisn't a pirate's life for Richards

    He doesn't need the money...and between fetal hormone injections and lunches with Scratch his calendar is full....
  7. That the future is not beholden to the past.
  8. Harguitay

    How do you feel about country music?

    In its roots of ancient folk, bluegrass and cantina, country was human. Today it's formulaic and oversold.
  9. Harguitay

    Rod Stewart

    It's hard not to like Rod Stewart. "Mandolin Wind" is among my favorite songs, and he's put up more that are on the list. But I've seen the man in concert. No photography, no autographs, and a goon squad that ensures there will be no audience participation. These things protect him personally and professionally, and I have no problem with that. To me he comes across more like a businessman than an artist.
  10. Harguitay

    Bob Geldof says..."Give us yer money... again"

    Better that Geldorf coerce the money out of guilt in exchange for entertainment than my government extort it by force in exchange for...what? Oh, right.
  11. Harguitay

    Bad Cover Songs (remakes)

    I hate research. You're half right, Mike. It really was a remix done by a DJ-someone for "Small Soldiers." Still a Rush project, but so incomprehensibly bad that I considered burning my Rush collection. http://www.2112.net/artifacts/rushinsalutes/track8/8.html
  12. Harguitay

    silly drivel that needs a place

    The most with the least. That is the ideal haiku. You already know.
  13. Harguitay

    John Lennon's world . . .

    That song wasn't John's world. It was a sentimental, idealistic song with no basis in reality either for him or the rest of the world. The song title was imagine, after all....
  14. Harguitay


    It is a great album. I don't care for crooners, but Beckett made me listen to every note.
  15. Harguitay

    "Color of sound" A Poem

    Loud colorful sounds tickle my ears with laughter and wake me from dreams. That works. Thanks, Josef.