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  1. my grandfather has the book . ..i suggest getting it, its a good read on a rainy day.
  2. this is a form of formal poetry, with the words at the end repeated throughout the seven stanza, and it sometimes seems like it's rhyming. i'd love feedback. He asks her to dance. She can’t refuse and she stares at the hem of her dress As he thinks about her and how she looks. She scans her friends enjoying their time. His head doesn’t have control over his feet, As he leads her to the dirt floor. She’s daydreaming as her ivory skirts sweeps the floor. He is entranced as they dance. She’s avoiding his glance as he steps on her feet. He pulls her closer as they swirl and
  3. the same thing is true in new england. one day, it was that humdity like before the storm, and it was sunny, and an hour later, it was pouring down rain and thundering with dark cloud. An hour later, it was sunny and still rain. But no rainbow showed up, though.
  4. oh, sorry. I love that line too. Did you see the commerical for cable making fun of it?
  5. All I have to say is "Buler? Buler?" (I probably spelled it wrong) (sorry if anyone else already said it.)
  6. this one little problem with that . . .it's sort of impossible.
  7. Evelyn


    thanks broadway cast was amazing minus the mimi. horrible voice.
  8. Evelyn


    i can't find it! do you know what page it's on?
  9. bring me to life - evanscence There she is again,talkin’ on the phone Just like me hates to be alone
  10. Evelyn

    Song Game II

    Norwegian wood - Beatles
  11. i have a really sick minded one - Mrs. Robinson i heard "she's a slut more then you will know." it's actually "jesus loves you more then you will know". and then "heaven holds a place for whores who pray" it's actually "heaven holds a place for those who pray" . . .
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    i don't know quite where this belongs, so i put it here. My question is: who has seen rent and what did they think of it? rent the broadway version or the movie. And what about tick tick . . .boom?
  13. i've never been embarrased in my knickers. my boyfriend loves it. lol. i honestly would walk around in my underwear if it was legal and warm enough. i hate clothes.
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