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  1. my grandfather has the book . ..i suggest getting it, its a good read on a rainy day.
  2. this is a form of formal poetry, with the words at the end repeated throughout the seven stanza, and it sometimes seems like it's rhyming. i'd love feedback. He asks her to dance. She can’t refuse and she stares at the hem of her dress As he thinks about her and how she looks. She scans her friends enjoying their time. His head doesn’t have control over his feet, As he leads her to the dirt floor. She’s daydreaming as her ivory skirts sweeps the floor. He is entranced as they dance. She’s avoiding his glance as he steps on her feet. He pulls her closer as they swirl and out fans her dress. She wants to speed up time, As he glances at his friends for encouraging looks. He wishes she would understand what is behind his looks. She wants to melt into the floor He wills the slowing of time Slowly she notices others begin to dance. He holds the soft waist of her mother of pearl-colored dress. She misses a step and wants to have bare feet. He hopes that the music is going the same tempo as his feet. The way he turns to her makes her want to meet his look. He sees the way she twirls her cream-colored dress. She stops looking at the floor. He realizes that she has begun to dance, And they both will the slowing of time. He suddenly grasps that their time Together is coming to a close, and the heels of her feet Touch the floor, and they stop their dance. This time, she is the one who looks, And she wants to be kicking up dust on the floor. He looks and realizes their dances has stopped fanning out her dress. As they walk back to the crowd her dress Swings back and forth, but nothing compare to when they kept time, Doing their dance on the dirt floor, With the tempo in time with their feet. The crowd had looked; As they spun by, together in their dance. He watches as she walks the swinging of her dress, and they both drag their feet, They enjoyed their time, and she misses his looks. He stares longingly at the floor, and asks another girl to dance.
  3. the same thing is true in new england. one day, it was that humdity like before the storm, and it was sunny, and an hour later, it was pouring down rain and thundering with dark cloud. An hour later, it was sunny and still rain. But no rainbow showed up, though.
  4. oh, sorry. I love that line too. Did you see the commerical for cable making fun of it?
  5. All I have to say is "Buler? Buler?" (I probably spelled it wrong) (sorry if anyone else already said it.)
  6. Evelyn


    thanks broadway cast was amazing minus the mimi. horrible voice.
  7. Evelyn


    i can't find it! do you know what page it's on?
  8. bring me to life - evanscence There she is again,talkin’ on the phone Just like me hates to be alone
  9. Evelyn

    Song Game II

    Norwegian wood - Beatles
  10. i have a really sick minded one - Mrs. Robinson i heard "she's a slut more then you will know." it's actually "jesus loves you more then you will know". and then "heaven holds a place for whores who pray" it's actually "heaven holds a place for those who pray" . . .
  11. Evelyn


    i don't know quite where this belongs, so i put it here. My question is: who has seen rent and what did they think of it? rent the broadway version or the movie. And what about tick tick . . .boom?
  12. i've never been embarrased in my knickers. my boyfriend loves it. lol. i honestly would walk around in my underwear if it was legal and warm enough. i hate clothes.
  13. i do not like that moving picture at all . . .
  14. This basically implies to only women, maybe guys. But every single last dressing room i've been in makes me look pale, larger then i am and like i have really bad skin. does this apply to everyone? or am i just weird
  15. i have a math teacher that used to hum CONSTANTLY. not even a song. she got me humming the same tune for a while. She used to hum even when we were taking tests... but i'm begining to think she has OCD. every class for a few weeks she goes around the room tapping everything she sees three times . . .
  16. About a day after after i created this little thing here, i was talking with some of my smarter friends about life and time travel in general. One of them introduced the idea (theroy) that humans have broken away for the ecosystem (or whatever you like to call it). I've thought about it awhile after and it makes sense. I know it has nothing to do with anything in the posts, but it bogged my mind. I can't stop thinking about it. We constantly think of our selves as a separte thing from animals, and we truly aren't. All i wanted to know when i first posted was if communism would work; anywhere. it had a little to do with lennon, but not much. To me, the whole "no posessions" thing means communism. Communism in theroy is a great thing. But in reality it isn't that great.
  17. My question would it work? John lennon's world that is. As the world he described in imagine. I'll post the lyrics . . . Imagine there's no heaven, It's easy if you try, No hell below us, Above us only sky, Imagine all the people living for today... Imagine there's no countries, It isnt hard to do, Nothing to kill or die for, No religion too, Imagine all the people living life in peace... Imagine no possesions, I wonder if you can, No need for greed or hunger, A brotherhood of man, Imagine all the people Sharing all the world... You may say Im a dreamer, but Im not the only one, I hope some day you'll join us, And the world will live as one. Okay, what he describes is definetly communist. Would it work w/ America?
  18. Because it got too deep. this story seems like a very light one, and the extra part i wrote was about her dead mother. I didn't think it fit. Any suggestions?
  19. where do u think i should go next with it? i wrote this bit about her niee coming and tell her grandma is dead and then the woman (hm. she doesn't have a name, does she?) screaming at the niece that she killed grandma. i didn't like it so i didn't type it up. Suggestions?
  20. i am sory (that was on purpose), i am a spell check child, with out spell check, and with a rather small laptop key board, i am in trouble.
  21. i read the rules, and unlike everyone else, i can't write lyrics, so i shall write a story. just give me a minute. okay i wrote this on a plane . . . Waiting for a late plane is not fun. But when it does come; two hours late, I might add, relief floods through you as you realize now you?re finally on your way. But, another thing that is not fun is being in the middle seat and having two total strangers on either side of you. Oh, but it can be worse. And do you know how it can be worse? Well actually you don?t, because you are not me. Lucky you. This is how my situation got worse: On one side, we have a rather large woman, who seemly takes up her seat and most of mine, too. Her name, (I gave her a name, just because I thought she fit it) is Priscilla. I am not quite sure why I gave her this name. I believe it is because of my aunt, by the same name. She was also rather large. Now, she is gone. Not like she-ran-away-gone or I?m-sorry-for-your-loss gone. She?s crazy. She?s in the insane asylum section of the hospital. She walks in figure eight all day, muttering about John Lennon still being alive in her closet. Before her mind left, she was a nice woman. Her only fault is that she wore disgusting amounts of make-up. It looked as if she had five or six inches caked on. I thought of this as I took my seat next to Priscilla. She smiled, her large cheeks gathering into oddly shaped dimples. I gave a closed mouth smile back. I sat down and took a look around me as my other seat-mate sat down next to me. This, my friend is where it gets really bad. This woman who sat beside me was probably around my mother?s age, early to mid fifties. She was most likely a mother herself, because of the way she looked disapprovingly at the dust between the seats. Either a mother or a neat freak. Then, she began to talk. When I say talk, I mean, not-taking-a-breath-talking, asking me questions and then answering them herself, and even then the answers were generally wrong. I think that is any type or kind of natural disasters were to occur, or a any disaster for that matter, she would continue to talk. She talked about her husband, her children, why she was headed to Boston, why she doesn?t live on the east coast, why she should. This woman told me things that shouldn?t have, and didn?t tell me things she should have. Like her name, for instance. I now know her husband?s name, each of her eight children?s names, and all of her sibling?s names (she is one out of ten). But not hers. I decided to name her Stacey. I had a friend in elementary school named Stacey. My airplane Stacey is my elementary school Stacey?s future self. What a future she has to look forward to. Luckily, this particular flight was only an hour. I humored Stacey the whole way, nodding and ?umm?ing even as I read my book. She seemed to be satisfied. The next flight was to be four hours long. I was giddy as I saw I wasn?t seated next to another Priscilla and Stacey again. I was sitting next to two college-age girls who didn?t know each other, but found they were headed back to the same college after spring break. All three of us had a lengthy conversation involving every thing from Europe and job outlook to the sad state of the world. We exchanged screen names before we left the plane. My niece and I had agreed to meet just outside security, and when I got there, she wasn?t here, so I found a bench and sat. This airport is a popular one, so people watching is extremely interesting. I smiled as a toddler almost ran past the security check point and laughed as his mother chased after him. I watched a couple on the moving walkway kiss, probably the last kiss for a month or so. I watched slim French women with their eyebrows knit together in frusation, probably because they couldn?t read the signs. what next?
  22. creed and nickleback anoy me - i can't tell the difference. one ogf my friends love them, though. so i usually keep my mouth shut
  23. [quote 1. What was it about the Beatles, in your opinion, that made them so influential? it was because they came at the right time. they came dring the hippie movement, well the hippies came the beatles hiehgt of sucess. 2. Would you agree that ?Beatle mania' was one of the most incredible social phenomenons in history? yes. Definetly 3. Do you think that a lot of the Beatles incredible success was because they were in-tune with what was happening in society, or do you think that the same music would be equally as successful in our modern era? i think it's a mixture of both. like i said before, they came at a time when the "mania" started, teenage girls thought they were singing to them, then as the beatles orginal fans got i college, and because all like "peace, man", they followed with the hippy-like scandelic (sound it out you'll know what i mean) music. it depended on timing and the openhearted ness of the generation. that particlaur genration was waiting for some type of generational upheaval. 4. Why do you think was the reason Beatles appealed to so many people in their prime-popularity? see above 5. Why do you think that the Beatles music has appealed to so many generations? some people listento the beatles becausee they think it seems cool, and it does. i listen becaue i like their sound. he reason it seems "cool" to listen to the beatles is because that shows tht you have respect. 6. Why do you think the Beatles music appeals to so many age groups? (That is, from small children to elderly adults?) because they music almost sounded like it's from different bands. there things like when i'm sixty-four, which is very big-band like, to birthday, which is very hyper and good to dance to, as a child. 7. What was it about the Beatles music that attracted you're interest? i heard come together on the radio - and asked to have it turned up - i thought it was a new song!!! 8. Do you think that another band could make it as big in the future, and what are your reasons for thinking this? no. 9. Do you think the Beatles had an influence on factors like fashion, drug use and haircuts? YES 10. Anything else you would like to add? nope
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