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  1. Hi, I know this is a pain but it people could reply to this it would be sooo helpful. Thanks so much in advance to responders. Hi, I'm doing some research on the pop-cultural impact of the Beatles, mainly focusing on their appeal to so many generations. I was hoping you wouldn't mind giving me some educated opinions on my questions. All questions (example: why were they so successful? Is based on a social context, not a strictly musical context) Thanks so much in advance, your help is appreciated. Answers will be used in a HSC society and culture research project, namely the Personal Interest Project. All names will be kept confidential and answers will be displayed as educated opinions only. 1. What was it about the Beatles, in your opinion, that made them so influential? 2. Would you agree that ?Beatle mania' was one of the most incredible social phenomenons in history? 3. Do you think that a lot of the Beatles incredible success was because they were in-tune with what was happening in society, or do you think that the same music would be equally as successful in our modern era? 4. Why do you think was the reason Beatles appealed to so many people in their prime-popularity? 5. Why do you think that the Beatles music has appealed to so many generations? 6. Why do you think the Beatles music appeals to so many age groups? (That is, from small children to elderly adults?) 7. What was it about the Beatles music that attracted you're interest? 8. Do you think that another band could make it as big in the future, and what are your reasons for thinking this? 9. Do you think the Beatles had an influence on factors like fashion, drug use and haircuts? 10. Anything else you would like to add?
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