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  1. So whos sung the wrong words like the words have been waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off? Tell us. My dad recently did this with an AC/DC song where he says "Have a drink on me". my dad thought he said "Have a three course meal".
  2. Everybody has done it sung the wrong song.Don't you just hate when they change the words?!LOL. Fall out boy "Dance Dance" I thought he said "i'm saving for this matress" My dad just recently did a very funny one. This ac/dc song where he says "have a drink on me". My dad thought he said " have three course meal" then he kept singing it like that.
  3. I must get him back and steer clear of his cast, bam never strikes out!......
  4. "Hey you should try some of this roast lamb"
  5. Don vito pops out of the pond he's holding food his fat is shaking.....
  6. "Well now that u mention it" Bam starts to say. "Don't even say it" I holler back just as bam whips out his sk8 board to hit me with. But realizing that i have a hard plaster cast that can be deadly weapon hops into a golf cart. I get in to another one and some old man starts wahcking me w/ his cane. "you hoodlums" he yells. pretty soon we're tearing through the golf course acting stupid. Just then..........
  7. ok so the rules are it must be appropriate. So read what the person before you wrote then write what hapens next. so today i was skating and bam walks up to me and challenges me to a skate off. So i catch some air and hit a grind. So then i look over at don vito and it scares the hell out of me ( if u know who don vito is u understand. Next thing I'm hitting the pavement and feeling the pain of a broken arm. At the hospital bam says after i get my cast he wants to skate around and down the hospital and around town doing crazy stunts. So what happens............
  8. insane clown posse-4 twizted-1 slipknot-1 sadly when i was in fourth grade and fifth grade i saw two backstreet boys concerts. simple plan-1 Good charlotte-2 In july i will see the hot vanilla ice ( his music is alot better now don't judge him by his old image) and ozzfest 2oo5 (fuc*ing awesome!!)
  9. i love this song and mudvayne. But what is happy,and forget to remeber about.
  10. i'm gonna go 2 see slipknot in chicago my moms buying the tickets....of course she doesn't know they swear yet
  11. i met ICP @the show in Arizona W/ my cuzin! it was cool i got pic& autographs & showed off @ school. Especially 2 the peeps that said i wasn't gonna meet violent j & shaggy! :: ::
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