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  1. meh i h8 u all now and Zao is a 1990's heavy metal band meaning alive in latin and I think defy in chinses, i think they went for the latin meaning tho
  2. ok wen? wat vocalist? dey any good live?
  3. im just wundering if anyone has attended any of Zao's concerts, ive heard theyre great but they only tour in the north hemisphere, I think there in the STHRESS tour with As I Lay Dying but im not sure
  4. ok ive read all your stuff and i agree with the guitar wankery and i dont agree with sexually assualting instruments as music but if you can play fast AND well then do so. Suprisingly I have never heard a full song on that long list of metal bands (including Metallica : but my views on Heavy Metal are that the bands with some religous attatchment and very little angst are the most clear headed and best bands. Im not dividing this religous thing into Christian and Satanic, Satanic is [bleep] because it is made mainly of angst towards God and the world in general. The best heavy metal band I have heard is christian -Zao and I will contstantly refer to them and their latest album "The Funeral of God" because i love them. by the way has anyone here had problems with people who see heavy metal as just hitting drums, screaming and wanking stringed instruments?
  5. Ok we all love the old classic rock bands and you all forgot Guns n Roses how could you! anyway all these bands are great but the present is where things are happenin (amazing thought isn't it) anyway I now know who to thank for inventing vocal distortion (roaring, rasping screaming etc) What I don't understand is that no one here likes or has heard of most modern metal bands, and no I am not talking Korn, I am talking bands like As I Lay Dying, Symphony in Peril, Zao, Twelve Tribes. These bands are not little-known they are just not in the mainstream genre so becoming well known is harder when you dont sound like Simple Plan or Snoop Dogg. Most of the greatest musicians are in rock or metal bands like Slash :guitar: and Zao's ex drummer Jesse Smith I can give people some songs if you want a listen
  6. lol u seen resident evil cos Killswitch Engage's song End of the Heartache was on there and i have the original on my pc its not really metal bu their other songs My Last Seranade and Rose of Sharyn are great metal songs
  7. the old bands are great but has anyone here heard of bands like Killswitdch Engage, Lamb of God, Zao, 8 Foot Sativa? These guys are true metal bands. Has emo taken over the world already? Does anyone not worship 50 cents G-unit? Will i ever shut up? ok now that ive had my rant i would just like to say that new metal bands are alot different than older bands like Metallica and Black Sabbath And seriously Deep Purple being hard rock?
  8. ok people i think we are all forgetting Slash here. :guitar: anyway velvet revolver sucks but deep down we all love guns n roses anyway me being a heavy metal person myself i have to say that Elegy by As I Lay Dying has a great guitar intro and the guitar solo(s) on Carnal Forge by Carcass is the best speed guitar i have ever heard. that is all please continue worshipping me
  9. just wunderin wat ur thoughts on heavy metal are, post your thoughts and i might get back to you
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