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  1. Ronn Moss and Peter Beckett will be performing this month on Soap Talk for Ronn's new cd which Peter produced and wrote songs for.This will be the first time since the 90's they have made a tv appearance. Peter will be singing backups and playing lead guitar. Craig Pilo, who toured with Player previouly, will be on drums. Also, for the only website on the internet for Peter Beckett of Player, go to www.peterbeckett-player.com. I just started up this new site for Peter, a very talented musician.
  2. I just started up the only website for Peter Beckett from the bands Player, Little River Band, Think Out Loud,to honor him for all his accomplishments as a singer, songwriter, musician, and producer. He has the most amazing vocal range and gift to write beautiful words to music. Check it out and sign the guestbook while you're there at www.peterbeckett-player.com
  3. The first time I heard "BABY COME BACK" by PLAYER in 1977 on the radio, I was blown away by this new band with the most intense guitar riffs(before there was metal bands), yet such sensual lead vocals and spiritual background harmonizing. I hung on every word thinking "my God, someone must have hurt him so bad and/or he loved someone so deeply", to write a beautiful song like that.We've all been there and it really hit home because at the time my marriage was in trouble. I immediately ran out and bought the 8 track.(yes,I said 8 track!)Through the years I have developed such a passion for PLAY
  4. When you talk about great music from the 70's/80'S, you can't forget the best "melodic" bands with the most powerful voices and musicianship. FOREIGNER(LOU GRAMM), STYX(DENNIS DEYOUNG), SURVIVOR(JIMI JAMESON), JOURNEY(STEVE PERRY), LITTLE RIVER BAND(GLENN SHRROCK), AND PLAYER(PETER BECKETT ). God bless these bands that make you remember there was a time when words had meaning and you could understand them, there was such a thing as "melody" and they actually played their own instruments and wrote their own songs. That was talent!! That was when they didn't record "junk" just to make a buck.
  5. :guitar: You may remember Peter Beckett as the beautiful voice on the #1 hit classic song "Baby Come Back" from the band PLAYER in 1977. His one and only(unfortunately)solo cd BECKETT is pure perfection of a musical genious."I TOLD YOU SO","MY RELIGION","THE BIG HURT", AND "BROTHER LOUIE" will set you on fire. And when it starts getting too hot, Peter then cools you down with his ever famous soft whispered vocals on "HANGING BY A THREAD","STILL OF THE NIGHT", and "NOT A DAY GOES BY". Although born in England but living most of his life in L.A., he comes off as the all American boy on "THE BOTT
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