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  1. The American Film Institute (AFI) is airing a show on the top 100 songs from movies over the past 100 years. It airs Tuesday June 22nd. Any predictions? You just might get a 'I am not not worthy, you are so if you post the songs that will make the top ten. Just thought I would give y'all a heads up in case you missed the advertisments for this show. Links: AFI 100 years.. 100 songs gotta give credit where credit is due... EGGPLANT was the first person to post this on SongFacts, but it is in the Film thread, otherwise I would 'bump' it. ::
  2. Can I ask what program you are using to create this? I created an awesome slideshow in Powerpoint but I really want to get a program that is more 'web based'. So far I have found a TON of 'slideshow' programs but NONE of them let you 'sync' the photos with the lyrics of the song, like you can in PowerPoint. I dont have WinXP so I don't have Movie Maker-or whatever the program is that comes with XP. SwishMax from www.Swishzone.com allows me to sync up the photos in the way I want but it is costly, VERY TIME CONSUMING, and has a few bugs that literally drive me insane. If anyone has any suggestions PLEASE let me know. Thanks in advance. PS Tenacious Peaches has recommended Simple Star but I don't know if you can 'sync' the photos along with the lyrics of the song.
  3. A couple of my favourite quotes are by Sir Isaac Newton. "To myself I seem to have been only a boy playing on the seashore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, while the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me." and "If I have seen farther than others, it is because I was standing on the shoulders of giants." The second quote is the source for the inscription on the UK's two pound coin which reads "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants". [Please correct me if I am wrong. It seems that a few years ago there were two possible sources for the inscription, and but now every site on the net tends to point to Sir Isaac Newtwon's quote.]
  4. A similar song to Gloria Estefan's 'Reach' is "Faith of the Heart" by Rod Stewart. Other songs to consider are: "Burn" by Jo Dee Messina "I'll Remember" by Madonna
  5. Here is what I found on the internet: The Verve* "Bittersweet Symphony" This hit pop song uses a sample from a string arrangement of "The Last Time" by the Rolling Stones. The Verve had trouble getting a licensing agreement from the Stones? publisher, Alan Klein, who said, "I don?t agree with sampling as a matter of principle, and certainly not on a Stones song." (This is a strange stance, given that the Stones launched their career with covers of blues songs without compensating the original artists.) Eventually Klein gave in, but only after the Verve agreed to sign over all royalties to "Bittersweet Symphony" to the Stones. Later, when Nike approached the Verve about using the song in a commercial, the band refused. Nike then approached Klein about recording a cover version, since he owned the publishing rights. When members of the Verve found out about this, they agreed to let Nike use their version and donated their fee to charity. "The last thing in the world I wanted was for one of my songs to be used in a commercial," said Richard Ashcroft of the Verve. "I?m still sick about it. But it could have been worse. If we didn?t fight for the song, ?Symphony? would have ended up in a cheeseburger ad and no one could ever have taken our record seriously again."
  6. "..Some dreams live on in time forever Those dreams, you want with all your heart And I'll do whatever it takes Follow through with the promise I made Put it all on the line What I hoped for at last would be mine If I could reach, higher Just for one moment touch the sky From that one moment in my life I'm gonna be stronger Know that I've tried my very best I'd put my spirit to the test If I could reach Some days are meant to be remembered Those days we rise above the stars So I'll go the distance this time Seeing more the higher I climb That the more I believe All the more that this dream will be mine If I could reach, higher Just for one moment touch the sky From that one moment in my life I'm gonna be stronger Know that I've tried my very best I'd put my spirit to the test If I could reach If I could reach, higher Just for one moment touch the sky I'm goona be stronger From that one moment in my life I'm gonna be so much stronger yes I am Know that I've tried my very best I'd put my spirit to the test If I could reach higher If I could, If I could If I could reach Reach, I'd reach, I'd reach I'd reach' I'd reach so much higher Be stronger" I am sure you have heard this song before? It's "REACH" by Gloria Estefan. A very good song for the situation. I have some more songs suggestions for you that I am trying to track down now. Unfortunately, after just now downloading the song Reach I can honestly say all other suggestions are NOT going to top this song. Give it a listen!
  7. OK, definately worth mentioning is Memento. This movie offers a very unique version of film making in that it is filmed backwards. The beginning of the movie is actually the 'end' but it keeps jumping back in time to slowly reveal the plot. Also, Donnie Darko, and Mulholland Dr have plot twisting ends.
  8. That song is "Breakfast in America" by Supertramp. Here are the lyrics: Take a look at my girlfriend, she's the only one I got Not much of a girlfriend, Never seem to get a lot Take a jumbo cross the water, like to see America See the girls in California, I´m hoping it´s going to come true But there´s not a lot I can do Could we have kippers for breakfast, Mummy dear, Mummy dear They got to have ´em in Texas, 'cos everyone's a millionaire I´m a winner, I´m a sinner, do you want my autograph I´m a loser what a joker, I´m playing my jokes upon you While there´s nothing better to do Don´t you look at my girlfriend, she´s the only one I got Not much of a girlfriend, never seem to get a lot Take a jumbo cross the water, like to see America See the girls in California, I´m hoping it´s going to come true But there´s not a lot I can do.
  9. David Letterman suddenly cancels his surprise proposal to Costello girl. He walks away in despair, "I thought she loved me?" he cries.
  10. Peaches, were you reading my mind? I actually thought about creating a thread like this that should be bookmarked and referred to everytime says that song sucks, or expresses an opinion that is an expression of complete lack of EMPATHY. Good god, everyone has their own opinion, just respect it, and keep your personal opinions about others taste in music to yourself!
  11. PDXChump shakes his head at all those non military, never been camping attendees that don?t know how to set up a friggin canopy! WHOOOSH?. the canopy is set up. Shade is made, grills fire up, chairs are laid out and a stage is set . For whom we do not yet know. Batman sets up his Hot Diggity Dog blind taste test to determine if Hebrew National Hotdogs really taste better than other brands. But devious Scott foils the plan by flashing a symbol of a bat wing in the sky. Batman-seeing the symbol in the sky-excuses himself to go save the world. While Scott goes in to change numbers. It is later determined that squirrel meat hot dogs reign supreme.
  12. Ok my first instinct was Boyz II Men, "A song for mama" which I think was written as a tribute to one of the members mother after her death. ?? I dunno? Here are the lyrics... If this isnt the song post back and let us know... You taught me everything And everything you?ve given me I always keep it inside You?re the driving force in my life, yeah There isn?t anything Or anyone I can be And it just wouldn?t feel right If I didn?t have you by my side You were there for me to love and care for me When skies were grey Whenever I was down You were always there to comfort me And no one else can be what you have been to me You?ll always be you always will be the girl In my life for all times Chorus: Mama, mama you know I love you Oh you know I love you Mama, mama you?re the queen of my heart Your love is like Tears from the stars Mama, I just want you to know Lovin? you is like food to my soul You?re always down for me Have always been around for me even when I was bad You showed me right from my wrong Yes you did And you took up for me When everyone was downin? me You always did understand You gave me strength to go on There was so many times Looking back when I was so afraid And then you come to me And say to me I can face anything And no one else can do What you have done for me You?ll always be You will always be the girl in my life Chorus
  13. Brian

    In America

    Carl, I think you are right! Unfortunately, I haven't seen it, but no one that I have talked to has anything bad to say about the movie. I caught previews of it at the theater and watched the last Independant Spirit Awards, where this movie nailed two awards: Best Supporting Male-Djimon Hounsou, and Best Cinematography-Declan Quinn. Of surprising note-I just found out-are that the two girls are real life sisters! The ISP awards coincided with, I believe, the older sister's birthday and the entire ceremony paused to sing "Happy Birthday" to her. That short moment gave an sudden look at how charismatic the two girls really are. Thanks for reminding me that I need to buy that DVD Carl. Between buying Hebrew National Hot Dogs, The Boondock Saints DVD, and building a basic classical music collection, I think I am going to have to start working a SECOND job!
  14. Your welcome! Always glad to help out when I can. You know, I kind left the 'finding' the song up to you, because most people are into illegal download sites that eventually cause more problems than what they are worth-in my opinion. If you are going about finding this CD the legal way, I would suggest buying used CD's on Amazon. LINK Used CD's on Amazon eliminate the bidding competition like E-bay. Sellers name their price and you can buy it just like any other item on Amazon. For instance, you can buy that Scarecrow CD for less than $6 (shipping included) through a used seller on Amazon. Cheers!
  15. It's a Shania song... so you didn't here this suggestion from me.... :: Shania Twain From This Moment On
  16. Well, this picture really bites, but it totally depicts one FABULOUS YEAR in my life. You see I have always been one to avoid city crowds, traffic, and congestion. So what did I do once I moved up to God's Country? I moved into a little high rise tower in the middle of DOWNTOWN Portland! I wanted to experience the URBAN life, and, while Portland is no Vienna, Frankfurt, or London, I must say, I totally loved the experience!
  17. The song is "When You Come Back To Me Again." I can't find the soundtrack either but the song is on Garth Brooks CD titled Scarecrow. LINK Here are the lyrics: There's a ship out, on the ocean At the mercy of the sea It's been tossed about, lost and broken Wandering aimlessly And God somehow you know that ship is me 'Cause there's a lighthouse, in the harbor Shining faithfully Pouring its light out, across the water For this sinking soul to see That someone out there still believes in me On a prayer, in a song I hear your voice and it keeps me hanging on Raining down, against the wind I'm reaching out 'til we reach the circle's end When you come back to me again There's a moment we all come to In our own time and our own space Where all that we've done, we can undo If our heart's in the right place On a prayer, in a song I hear your voice and it keeps me hanging on Raining down, against the wind I'm reaching out 'til we reach the circle's end When you come back to me again And again I see my yesterday's in front of me Unfolding like a mystery You're changing all that is and used to be On a prayer, in a song I hear your voice and it keeps me hanging on Raining down, against the wind I'm reaching out 'til we reach the circle's end When you come back to me again When you come back to me again
  18. Are you sure it is an artist from Arista Records? If that is the case it can't be 'Landslide' by the Dixie Chicks? Or can it?
  19. Hi Michelle, Welcome to Song Facts. Could the song your looking for be "Mobile" by Avril Lavigne. Here is a link to the lyrics: LINKS
  20. Another good ?sexy? song I forgot to mention earlier is ?Tell Me? by Billie Myers. The lyrics are a little risqué. Here are some more. All of them are not ?Rock Songs? but are definitely worth considering: Nothing Else Matters ? Metallica Hysteria ? Def Leppard Love Song - Tesla Still Loving You ? Scorpions Linger ? The Cranberries Love Will Keep Us Alive ? The Eagles Faithfully - Journey I Love You ?The Climax Blues Band Crazy for You ? Maddona Unchained Melody ? The Righteous Brothers I Could Fall in Love and Dreaming of You by Selena Right Here Waiting ? Richard Marx The Power of Love ? Celine Dion Standing Together ? George Benson Incidentally, on one show of Friends the episode started with the discussion of the most romantic song. Everyone agreed that ?The Way We Were? (by Barbra Streisand) was the most romantic song. Then Ross comes in and says, ?No, ?Tupelo Honey? [by Van Morrison] is the most romantic.? I don't like either song, but I guess they are worth throwing into the mix. If you want to consider other genres of music, such as country [don't judge a song by its genre] then "When You Lie Next To Me" by Kellie Coffey is a definite must listen to!
  21. That song would be by Dakota Moon titled, "Another Day Goes By". Lyrics: Mr. Greene asked me yesterday boy what do youw ant to be with some work in ten years or so you could be sitting here just like me he said your future looks crystal clear I just gotta get away from here CHORUS I want to be an eagle soaring high sign my name across the sky I gotta break free before I die before another day before another day goes by My mother said just the other day boy get your feet on the ground she looked at me in such a way I said Ma please don't bring me down I said my future is crystal clear just gotta get away from here CHORUS Before I waste another minute live my life without me in it CHORUS Edit: Removed lame link.
  22. OK here is my list: Your Body is a Wonderland -John Mayer I'll never let you go - Steelheart Wicked Game - Chris Isaak Here with Me -Dido You Were Meant for Me-Jewel Bed of Roses -Bon Jovi I could not ask for more- Edwin McCain or the Sara Evans version In your Eyes - Peter Gabriel Why Dont You and I - Santana
  23. Do you still want some rock love songs? Or-given the nature of this song do you want.. I hate men songs?
  24. That song is "When Love and Hate Collide" by Def Leppard.
  25. Ha... I am always posting GOOD editorial cartoons on the bulletin board at work. A couple of days ago there was a cartoon that depicted a modern day SUV owner in the aftermath of "The Day After Tomorrow." The caption beneath the editorial cartoon simply read, "Well at least now we can use our four wheel drive." I havent seen the movie by the way. I did see the interview with Dennis Quaid on Late Night With Costello Girls Husband. I think he is a solid actor worth watching. Anyway, thanks for the recommendation.
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