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  1. Can anyone please clarify the songs on Stars on 45's TV Themes Medley. I have downloaded it, and I am really curious. The ones I can clarify are: "Layla", "Bette Davis Eyes", "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy", "YMCA", "the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly", "Don't Stop Till You Get Enough", "the Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore", "Star Wars theme", "Kung Fu Fighting", and "All Right Now". Can anyone please help me with the others? Thanks. Rockroll
  2. It has a trance sound and ambient effect. I can not find the artists you requested, but if anyone has more information. It will be appreciated, also if I hear it again, I will remember more lyrics to clarify this time. Thanks. Rockroll
  3. This is a techno song, I do not know the name of it or who did it, but it is a dance tune, and there is a female vocalist who sings in rhythm: "What's a conga? I don't need a conga. What's a conga?". That's the only lyrics I can remember, I know it is not much, but it is not "Conga" by Gloria Estefan. Can anyone please help? Thanks. Rockroll
  4. I'm sorry I made a mistake. The song does not samples Salt N Peppa's "Push It", but if you listen to the first section of the song (not the intro to avoid confusion), you will hear reminisces of "Push It", but thank you so much that is the correct song. Rockroll
  5. I have heard this song about 2-3 times on radio station 89.5 in Seattle, Washington, and the radio deejays never tell the name. The song samples Salt N Peppa's "Push It" for the beginning of the song. I can't remember the lyrics very well, but there is a female singer who says: "my heart .. my heart, my heart, my heart; my love .. my love, my love, my love". I can't be really specific, but does anyone know what song I'm talking about? Please help. Thanks. Rockroll
  6. Yeah, this it. Thanks! I was worried that no one would know what it was. But, thanks for helping.
  7. There was a spoof of Shania Twain's "If You're Not in It for Love - I'm Outta Here" with a male parodying the song. The name was never identified, and I was listening to a radio in a club. So, I could never identify the name of the song. But, can any of you please help me out? Thanks. Brandon8528
  8. There is a cd I found out about on allmusicguide.com, which is named: "Phil Spector soundalikes", and it has the Supremes' "Run Run Run" listed as one of the tracks. Does anyone think that this song does sound like a Phil Spector song in particular? I have always thought that it was like the Chiffons' "Sweet Talking Guy" with the lyrics and vocals, but I thought before that that "Nothing But Heartaches" by the Supremes was also like "Sweet Talking Guy." There is a lyric in particular in "Nothing But Heartaches", of which when I first heard it, it automatically made me be confused with "Sweet Talking Guy": "But the more and more I care, The more of him other girls share" So, I am very confused. I did read that the Chiffons' "Sweet Talking Guy" was Motown influenced, and it was obviously inspired by "Nothing But Heartaches" or "Run Run Run". But, which Supremes song is it? Can anyone please clarify? Thank you. Brandon8528
  9. It is not any of these songs. I heard the song around 1994-1997. But, thanks for helping. Brandon8528
  10. Okay, this is what confusing me. There is a login regarding the messageboards and there is a login regarding making comments/facts about the songs and artists. Here is my question: I have been logged in ever since yesterday, not on the messageboards, but on the song/group comments and facts. How do I logout? Thanks. Brandon8528
  11. Sorry, I did not get back to you guys soon enough. I had a little difficulty trying to download a version of the Boyz II Men's song: "A Song For Mama", to find out whether or not it was the song, but I found out that this was not the song. I listened to the song, and I remember that the vocalist who did the song I was talking about, had a deeper voice. And, there was just one person singing, not multiple vocals. And I do recall a lyric in the song saying: "Mama, I miss you." Brandon8528
  12. I am a big fan of both groups and know that both groups had a big impact on music history as well as people. Although, the Stones had much more sex and drug music, the Beatles' music were much more developed and original. I do not think people should be dissing the Beatles, because of their personality. They were different! Big freaking deal, we are all unique. Have any reason to dis the Beatles do it on account of their music, but not their personalities. That is all I've got to say. Brandon8528
  13. I used to listen to 93.3 KUBE (WA) a lot, and I heard this song that I recorded (the tape is wore out, so I can't hear it to recap), that I thought was very beautiful, and I cried to it. This was around say '94-'96. It was by a male musician and he sounded like groups, such as Boyz II Men, but it could be them, I don't know. Anyway, this guy is talking about his mother who has passed, and he says something like "Mamma ... I miss you." That's all I can remember, but what in the hey was the name to this song? Thanks. Brandon8528
  14. Thanks for your answer. But, I guess when I read this thread I was not specific as I thought I was. Okay. Both groups had recorded: "Somebody to Love", which are 2 different songs. But, the question is: would "Somebody to Love" (The Jefferson Airplane version) be something Queen would do, and vice versa, would the Queen version be something the Jefferson Airplane would do (imagine "Bohemian Rhapsody")? And, think music and structure terms. So, I hope this is more clear. Brandon8528
  15. Oaky, guys. Here is what I meant: Both groups had a song: "Somebody to Love". When I was pairing the groups up, I turned on the DMX and then I first saw and heard Queen's "Somebody to Love". No, sorry, I saw the song on one of their cds, so that is when I thought it was the same song, but it was not. Anyway, the question I am asking is this: In music terms, would "Somebody to Love" be something Queen would do? So, once again, if people do not even know what I mean-what I am trying to ask is this: "MUSICALLY" would "Somebody to Love" be something Queen would do? Simple as that. Hope that helps. Brandon8528
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