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  1. so Imagine you were having a nice romantic dinner at a beautiful and a bit fancy restaurant and there would be a jazz band playing with a singer what songs would make the evening just right??? mine would be: My baby just cares for me Summertime Girl from Ipanema Cheek to cheek tea for two just a gigolo( I aint´got nobody) my funny valentine mack the knife aint no sunshine and can´t buy me love in a jazz version
  2. I´m trying to find the lyrics to this reggae song truths and rights with Johnny Ozbourne any ideas? children say a little prayer every night before you go to sleep
  3. well i think it´s on the collection cd released not long ago it´s a double and on the second one there are only instrumentals .. but also to songs like lovecats and more... it´s a greatest hits album and has a blue star on the front .. get it it´s got it all..
  4. yeah that was it... hahah and they wouldn´t take back the bikes .. you´d think it would be quite the opposite
  5. thanks guys .. song has ben driving one crazy .. will get now as soon as finds vinyl.. and yeah it´s plein c´est plein pour moi.. that´s enough for me.. oui oui le francaise..
  6. He is god!!! We had a 36 hour (I think ) marathon here which was so cool.. people brought their sleeping bags and camped out.. v.cool I saw three strange docs .. and then there was full metal jacket and don´t remember the next film so went out partying till 6 in the morning(was friday night) and returned to see spartacus(brought pillow along) and then went home don´t remeber what was showing and then came back to watch space odyssey and shining and a little of eyes wide shut .. all seen a few times .. so yeah just wnated to share that... and recommend it if anyone wants to do that in their country or something...
  7. so anyone got the french songs covered well any help with this one is appreciated.. is oldies probably 70´s rock n roll bit beach boys like vocal goes... ca plein pour moi, ca plein pour moi, ca plein pour moi moi moi moi moi ca plein pour moi ooo iii oohh..yeah something like that any ideas ??
  8. these to are nice as well pianofiles and sheetmusicnow
  9. am trying to buid up the best/worst collection of vinyl ever and I especially love all the 80´s tracks... Sometimes dj at bars and torment people ... so favorite 80´s songs and groups I might not have heard of or just forgot ... here are some of my favorite groups Human League Pointer Sisters Wham Duran Duran Eurythmics Depeche Mode New order Whitney Houston Paula Abdul Bobby Mc Ferrin (I told u also the bad stuff!!) Gloria Estefan Talking Heads Men without hats Madonna Madness UB40 so much more so tell me everything !! dont´hold back!! much thanks
  10. yeah It´s definately lambada ... the song but actually lambada is just what they call the dance... there are so many different versions... go crazy
  11. some songs I like Billy Joel Still rock n roll Steely Dan Just do it Human league don´t you wnat me wham club tropicana whitney houston I wanna dance with somebody, how will I know eurythmics must be talkin to an angel duran duran save a prayer new order blue monday Don henley all she wants to do is dance Matthew Wilder break my stride america a horse with no name Talking Heads Psycho killer / once in a lifetime level 42 lessons in love Toto hold the line Love isn´t always on time Stranglers Rock the Kazbar dire straits (way on down south..?) hard to make lists but I hope some of my crap music is any good to ya....
  12. oh yeha thanks a million and for the lyrics... this site is pure genious no longer will I have to sit at home and beat myself in the head for not remembering a song(though I kinda somehow enjoy that...in some way)
  13. so anyone out there who recognizes this.... I´m paying my jokes on you while there´s nothing better to do Don´t you look at my girlfriend she´s the only one I?ve got and the vocal just goes like nanananaannan thanks a whole lot!!
  14. Sara for the music plasma .. so cool .. okay and some summer favorites Nina Simone Baby Just cares for me Stevie Wonder Sir Duke The Kings of Convenience (a norwegian group) they are really nice relax type and hmm well just check it out they have a few albums the best one I´d say is Versus!! and wow ok so so much more but am at work so ... gotta go
  15. A must they´re the best THE SMITHS!! I think t-nobody mentioned them yet.. and uhm let´s see The Clash (album london calling .. classic) well I guess you already have alot of stuff to look for so.. good luck with broadening the horizon
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