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  1. Ok, Now I have half the mystery. I listened to Dakota Moon's version and its not the one I remember. The on I remeber had a faster tempo and a harder/rockeir edge, Plus it had a Live/Unplugged sound to it. The group that covered Another day goes by also covered Love is all around.. This was popular in the 80's. So now, who is THIS group?
  2. I grew up in the 80's with WAY older brothers. I listened to what they listened to because THEY were so cool!. So, Here's what I suggest:\( These are only a few of the old 70's AOR(Album Oriented Radio) popular bands. Jethro Tull King Crimson Yes, ( NOT the 80's "group" with the album 918209 I think) Genesis(early, When Peter Gabriel was vocals) Moody Blues ( not my favorites) Aerosmith Boston( repetative sounding, all of the music focuses on lead vocal, all sounds vocals are the same..In My opinion not the best group either because of the style and voice same in every song) ELO
  3. Back in the 80's there was a group. I believe they did the two songs I think about. One was a cover of the Troggs, Love is all around. Then they had a rock/up beat acoustic/unplugged that was similar to Tenacious D style. The lyrics I can rememeber from this song are" I wanna be an eagle.. soaring high.. Write my name across the sky.. (Something, then, ) Another day goes by!!" If anyone has any idea who this is, I would dearly love to hear it again in its entirety with the soulfull, rock like, wailing vocals
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