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  1. Great idea Carl and Sara. If you need an extra mod for that forum... might I strongly suggest BLUESBOY. I think he will fit right at home there.
  2. I agree with Diggs about Muzik's 'way out' religious thoughts. I was witness to a thread Muzik started-shortly after becoming a mod-that went so awry in a matter of hours. I honestly could not believe what I was reading! I lost all respect for Muzik after that. He is a MOD after all and should be respectful of other peoples opinions, and beliefs.
  3. Could THIS LINK be it? If not, there is another picture Anne Geddes did that might be the one. BTW, FOXY, I LOVE that picture, THE EYE OF GOD!! It reminds me of the opening of the movie "CONTACT" where so much distance in space is traveled only to reveal the pupil of Jodi Foster's eye. Ahh, that is one of my best movie opeinings!
  4. Well, if you listen to the full version of the song it begins with quotes from the movie, "Cool Hand Luke"... "What we've got here is failure to communicate. Some men you just cant reach. So you get what we had here last week.." I do think that this single was released long before the album/cd release and that all profits from the song were donated to a good organization to prevent genocide? OHhhh by the way, if you like Civil War, you might like Zombie bye the Cranberries!
  5. How long ago did you go to the web page? Did you check your History to see if the url for the web page is still there?
  6. Hey Mat: Guess what? Mt St Helens erupted again! Did you hear about it on the news over there? If not, here are some really cool pictures to check out. LINK Cheers, -Brian
  7. WOW COOL... Thanks XXX. You didnt google 'historically correct movies' and post a large list of movie titles. You actually took the time to explain why you recommended this movie. Very Cool! I added it to my of to be watched movies! Thanks again.
  8. Hmmm, depending on how many vistis you make this year to 'dog lovers anonymous' we MAY let you slide for that last c-a-t remark. Your overall passing grade will be determined by other DLA memebers observing your conduct at various sporting events. Just remember when your team scores, you are to sing the song... WHO LET THE DOGS OUT and then repeatedly bark like a dog! ARGH ARGH ARGH!!! Got it? We are watching you very closely so dont risk any of your other remaining lives by making such irrational statements about c-a-t-s!
  9. Dog lovers approach this traiturr with caution... Peppurr is armed and dangerous. ::
  10. Does anyone know of any movies that are based on historical events but yet remain somewhat true to the actual events? If so please list them here. Recently, I watched Hidalgo, and I was amused-meaning I watched it long enough to see the ending credits. I didn't like it because it was just another underdog winning the race-Hollywood style. It seems all they care about what it takes to get box office numbers while sacrificing the integrity of the actual event. Another movie I have in my TIVO wishlist is, "Charge of the Light Brigade". Courtesy of Iron Maiden, and their song, "The
  11. OMG! I need to change my avatar quick before the cat lovers check out this thread!! Just like Lucy, I've got some esssplaining to do! You see folks, there are two types of animals in my books... 1) Domesticated animals: DOGS RULE in particular Golden Labs. No Mystery there! 2) Wild Animals: LIONS RULE I dont think I could ever NOT watch a documentary about lions. I just think they are an amazing species! Now, just for clarification here are some scenarios that will aid you to determine on whether I am a dog lover or a LION lover.... 1) Lets say I am flying over So
  12. You can watch that video HERE. If you want to download it Google 'cowbell.wmv'. Cheers.
  13. OK, lets see your lazy cat that does nothing but eat, sleep, and scratch up expensive leather furniture DO THIS! This little video clip has been known to raise ones spirits, but can lead to one dancing with their DOG while singing "Youre the one that I want" from the GREASE soundtrack! SO BE VERY CAREFUL WHILE WATCHING!! PS. Hey Mods, sorry, it has been awhile... does this belong in FUN AND GAMES? ...it's electrifying! eww eww eww youre the one that I want eww eww eww ....
  14. Hey Jenny, glad to hear you like the song! I really suck at my tie-in's at 1244am! I wanted to say that this song has been recently heard on 'regular' radio stations as well. By 'regular' I mean the stations that overplay songs to death, and pretty much give no airtime to new artists. KINK radio was playing this song well ahead of the other contenders and AND, last year had a FREE benefit concert-in Portland-to help promote childrens literacy. Anna Nalick actually performed at this concert!! (Unfortunately, I missed it.) In short, I really love this song too! It is nice
  15. One of the great things I love about my FAVORITE local radio station is that they really remain true to their motto: "TRUE TO THE MUSIC". I can not say how much I agree with this! This station has an ear for good tunes and give new artists air play. Anna Nalick is a new artist that actually has a great tune called "Breathe (2 am)". If you like Tori Amos'ish music you might like this song. You can listen to the full song on her website... homesite Cheers Brian
  16. Hey Mat, little does Edna know that I am a sucker for showing kids about the great outdoors! I love the outdoors, probably as much as you love Spyro the dragon! :: Here is another story for you. One time while I was fishing in Utah there was a small forest fire nearby! Forest fires are really hard to put out. There are no roads for fire trucks to drive on so firefighters use airplanes and helicopters to dump water on the fires. Here is a photo I snapped of a helicopter flying RIGHT OVER ME while I was fishing. LINK The helicopter was taking water to pour over the forest fi
  17. Howdy Mat! So you like snow? So do I! I live in Portland, Oregon USA. We rarely get any snow here in the city. However, the mountains nearby get a lot of snow! In fact, most of the snow on the mountains NEVER MELTS!! Even in the SUMMER TIME!!! Pretty cool huh? Most of the 'cool' looking mountains around here are actually volcanoes!! Yeah, have you heard of MT St Helens? This mountain is actually a volcano about 60 miles North of Portland. Mt St Helens erupted in 1980! I actually hiked to the top of Mt St Helens two summers ago. Would you like to see the pi
  18. How about "Calling All Angels" by Train. I especially think the part that sings, "I wont give up if you dont give up." Could be of strength to you and your 'Angel' that is helping you through this ordeal. You are going through an unbelievably traumatic ordeal. My heart is with you. I think I speak for the rest of the forum when I say that if you need someone to talk to, by all means post away. We will be here for you!
  19. Wow, I remember that discussion. I think the majority of people voted for the star ratings though. I think since that vote, it has been proven that the ratings game has just turned into that... a game. Anyway, I am glad the game is gone but the stars remain!
  20. Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime [This is an essential CD for anyone that loves rock and roll! In true 'Floydian' style all of the tracks are stiched together and tell a story. Each track is like a chapter in a book. Whether listening to the whole album or individual tracks, this album flat out rocks, and is one of all time favorite albums.] Mother Love Bone - self titled Garden State Soundtrack (This is Amazon's current top seller so it has the ability to bring you lots of ice cream! :
  21. Here is my kind of school.... Hot for Teacher - Van Halen
  22. Selena's "Dreaming of You" is another good one.
  23. Just so ya know Edna. That link was to my very first Songfacts Post! I have always had a love hate relationship with that Paula Cole song, I LOVED the passion, vulnerability, and courage in in lyrics, and HATED the fact that it was a woman gender related song! A lot of it appealead to my life in someway. And just so you know, I crossed the bridge! :: Anyway, another good little song is "Three Birds" by Bob Marley. "Everything is going to be alright!" Cheers -Brian
  24. Here is another link that you might find interesting. Ultimate Woman Impowerment Songs
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