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  1. i am looking 4 songs that when u hear them they make u want to do the deed. so far i only have 2 my friend told some song by avant closer~ nine inch nails can u think of any others?
  2. i am wanting to make a cd for my friends for when they are feeling down. i am looking for songs that make you feel stronger or more beautiful or that you are a great person. so far here is what i have: beauitful by christina aguilera stronger by britney spear you don't have to tell me i'm beautiful by samantha mumba stronger by cher can anyone think of anymore? it would be greatly appreciated. i am wanting to make the cds for valentine's day dayse
  3. I am needing help. My friend is wanting me to make her a cd for her. she is wanting romantic music to help her and "special friend" get in the mood. so far all i can come with is wicked game by chris issack and justify my love by madonna. is there anyone that can help by letting me know of more songs? thank you so much
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